Book Review: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur


So recently on a trip, I invested in a book of poetry….well it was very conflicting for me as I have never bought any poetry books until very recently…so far I’ve purchased 2 of ‘em. For someone who writes poetry I guess it’s a little surprising perhaps. Anyhoo, I was surprised to see the book in the first place (that too at the airport of all places) and curious about the book because my social media feeds have been filled with excerpts/blurbs of poetry written by the lady herself. What little I read at that point had me going wow, that’s the power of words.

I finished reading the book on the flight and initially, the first half of the book wasn’t all that appealing and to a certain extent it did get me a lil’ disinterested, however, the 2nd half of the book reeled me back in and it was one sucker-punch after another with every lil’ bit that I read. I’m bowled over by the power of words, her ability to keep her poetry so brief, concise and so damn powerful is just mind boggling and has left quite an impact. I’m certain I will re-read this book and it probably will travel with me wherever I go. I also want to mention the poetess’ note for the readers at the end of the book, it in itself is an ode/poem and is so beautifully written and is just as sweet as milk and honey.

I’m liking this new habit of picking up random works of written art. Would I recommend this book to others? Hell yes…but I have my own reasons, I like pushing art forms that I also tend to butcher and massacre i.e. poetry :P. Besides, it’s very well written and man oh man does it hit so many emotional tangents and leaves deep deep footprints in one’s mind and soul. Looking forward to more written/published work from Rupi Kaur!

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