The Beast

Words aren’t all that far and few these days. Time on the other hand most definitely is. That being said and all, I still think this has been the year I’ve churned out way more words creatively than I have in the past 4-5 years, I’m sure my homies and guinea pigs subjected to reading my jazz can attest to this.

Well you all know the drill, lemme know what you think in the comments section below!

The Beast 

You can’t wake something up,
That’s been living deep within you
Some call it a monster, a beast,
Others a bluff, a lie, a mere joke,
You carved out of fear.
But you know don’t you?
You alone know the truth
of what resides within.
Neither beast, nor escape.
Nor your release, 
Nor your sense of peace,
It’s just you…
The version of you,
That’s always looking out
for you,
And eternally watching over you.


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