Debt Weight

Well well well….’tis that time of year again, whence people return to halls of akademia to learn some more and enhance their futures and fun things of the sort. Good luck to one and all in your future endeavours, I hope you get as close if not flourish, thrive and send your dreams into overdrive and get it to the point of impossibility and beyond. To my introverted friends, may the new school year be one of discovery for you, do one thing that seems daunting to you. It’ll make the story of your life for this year be quite the one to remember.

This piece was inspired by my apparent never ending student loans that keep reminding me of their existence quite often. Lemme know what you think. Oh and this note is for the parental units, babies do grow up but they’ll always be yours regardless of what and how the world sees them. Good luck Mums & Dads, your big kid is off to change the world!

Debt Weight

Bleed bleed bleed…
Drop another dollar
In someone else’s coffer,
Bleed bleed bleed.
Where have they led you?
Once they bled you?
Dreams weaved,
Tales spun,
Of promising tomorrows,
And delightful futures.
Another dollar, another degree,
Bleed till you sweat,
Sweat till you bleed.
Run, keep running,
There’s no time to rest.
No time to lose focus,
No time to stretch,
When your race for survival,
Is constantly next.
The bags under your eyes
don’t matter,
The restless and sleepless nights,
Don’t matter.
You’re the clown,
You’re the jester,
You’re the peasant,
In eternal servitude,
Reminded and reprimanded,
For your ungracious attitude,
Forced to display eternal
But never the lord,
Never the master,
Of dreams that once set you
But now,
Have left you to bleed.



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