Sanctity in Silence

Start of a new & promising month. Where has the time flown? I mean honestly, so much has happened, and I’m sure that holds true for each and everyone of you. I mean wow, how did we get here? I LOVE being busy, it keeps me going and definitely gives me purpose…and well sometimes there is no other way to move ahead in life than to get things done. Wherever your drive and life takes you, it all is for bigger & better things, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself lol. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Sanctity in Silence

And in the silence,
I heard the rhythm and music
of the night.
Inviting and mysterious,
An element of surprise,
A sense of danger,
Lurking around some distant
Some random alley.
And in the silence,
I hear, loud and clear,
Every whisper,
Every fear,
The words behind every shed
Find your solace,
Make your peace,
For the silence is your keeper,
Your truth seeker,
And the only constant,
That will ever be.



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