Poetry Shenanigans: For You

In the spirit of keeping things #Oktofresh, and trying to write as much as I can before the year is out, here’s a poem to kickstart the week, or mark the end o’ the weekend…depends on how you perceive it I reckon. Randomest idea came floating my way while listening to a song and for some reason I couldn’t shut it out, so ta-da, here you go!

Feel free to leave your thots in the comments box down below. Also watch this space for more exciting things/posts soon! Have a great week everyone!

For You

Star gazing,
Star hunting,
For you oh my darling,
I’d run across oceans,
And fly across lands far and
To prove the truth,
To dispel the myths and
The tall tales,
And ridiculous lies,
They pushed in your head,
About who you should be,
And who you are,
And mocked you and your
Of all that you wished to be.
Oh I would take to the skies,
Scatter those heavy thunderclouds
Looming over your head.
For you,
I would do everything,
To disprove them all.
For you,
I’d take you,
To the clearest body of water,
Water so calm, so still,
So that all you see,
Is the truest form of you,
That you’ve ever seen,
The form that I see,
Every time your divine presence
Graces my sight,
And infuses life,
Into this shrivelling soul.
A reflection so stunning,
Unhindered and beautiful,
One, you refuse to see.
Where I can finally show you
The beauty you refuse to see,
The beauty, that lies within,
That breathes life,
Into everything that passes
you by.
Oh, my precious,
If only you could see,
What my eyes see,
The wondrous wonder,
My mesmerizing mystery,
And the stunning, resplendent
You will be to me for all of



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