Poetry Shenanigans: Fall & Ascend

Fall & Ascend

It wasn’t until I fell apart,
That I found myself.
Frozen, half alive,
Living on a prayer.
Just another face,
Another memory,
From another time.
A constant reminder,
Of what it is like,
To be forgotten,
To blend in the background,
To be a wallflower.
Constantly reminded,
Of my non existent status,
And how the world,
Just couldn’t care,
And wouldn’t know,
If someone like me
Until one day,
I did disappear,
I stumbled away,
Away from the
They always called
And stumbled into the
new unknown.
Where suddenly,
I no longer was an absolute,
But a variable,
A variable that mattered,
And had the power,
To influence life’s equations.
Fall down, fall apart,
Rip the band aids off,
Pick at the scabs of those
gaping wounds,
That never cease to bleed.
Fall apart, find yourself,
Because there is nothing
more painstakingly beautiful,
Than discovering,
The relevance and magnitude,
Of your beautiful existence.



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