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Poetry Shenanigans: Let It Go

And HERE WE GO! That’s a wrap folks. So what have I been up to? With all these poems hitting the blog in rapid succession? Well I was a few poems short of hitting a 100 this year, and this is the first time (well at least it feels like it’s the first time) that I’ve written a 100 poems in a year. This is my last one to hit that century mark, hopefully next year I can keep up with the writing. A lot has happened over the course of the year, but hey what’s life without a few adventures right? Have yourselves an amazing time seeing 2016 off and here’s wishing everyone a very very Happy & prosperous New Year!

Let It Go

They say forget and forgive,
Live and let live,
That all is fair in love and war.
How easy it is to come to
such foolish conclusions,
When the price paid,
Is not anyone else’s concern,
But yours?
They say,
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you
How easy and complacent,
For spectators a plenty,
To say something so disarming,
When they don’t see,
Just how much of yourself,
Has fallen apart, died and rotted
That you might as well have been
They don’t see the hollowness,
The vacuum, the void,
That’s taken residence deep within.
They tell you to pick yourself up,
And to keep trying until you succeed.
Have they seen your battle scars?
Have they seen all the added bits and
That you’ve accumulated,
Over the years, just to stay standing?
The world is a cruel place,
They say,
Stay strong,
They say.
Funny the world is filled with the same
Who watch you fall apart,
With as much enthusiasm and gusto,
As they do,
When they tell you how to put yourself
back together.
They say,
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never harm me.’
They’ve forgotten,
Just how much they love being
Because they also like to say,
Words spoken out of anger can never
be taken back.
Aren’t we a beautiful bunch of
Who like the sound of words,
Especially the sound of our voices,
Chanting words and phrases,
Without ever really meaning a word
of it?
They say, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’
So what are you going to do about it?
The next time you find yourself cornered?
The next time you’re left nursing a
broken heart?
Are you going to let the empty comfort,
Of hollow words and indifferent sentiments,
Confound you and detach you even
Or are you going to be the sense
of clarity,
And light of ingenuity,
In this disillusioned world?



Poetry Shenanigans: Hello

Well all I can say is that I’m getting close to the finish line. The last time I wrote like this was for a school project in my Writers Craft class haha. But this is so much more fun!


Remember me?
Why are you hiding?
Shying away from reality?
Hiding your abilities?
Suppressing your words
and feelings?
Why are you shutting me out?
When you know,
The words I share with you,
Ring, echo and boom with truth?
What are you afraid of?
You’re the trailblazer,
The pioneer,
You never back down from
a fight.
Hell you’re the one,
Who can hold your own in one.
What happened to you?
You’re a shell,
Of the person you once used
to be…
I should know, I would know,
I do know,
All that you’re capable of,
All that you can be?
I know the world can be cruel,
Sometimes it seems lonely,
But you’re never alone.
Don’t shut me out,
I’m here to stay,
To be your conscience,
Your sanity in these insane times.
To be your best friend,
To be your pillar,
When it seems like the world,
Has turned it’s back on you.
Don’t ignore me,
For I’m going nowhere,
I’m always there wherever you
I’m not that different from you,
How could I be though?
Because I’m you,
Just the one that lives within,
Witnessing your evolution,
Every single day.
And sooner rather than later, 
You will realize,
It’s time to set yourself free,
From the confines and restraints
This world imposes,
And begin your own revolution.


Poetry Shenanigans: One Dance

Okay this is getting a tad bit challenging, but hey I LIVE for this sorta challenge. This is literally putting that verbal diarrhea to the test! 

One Dance

One chance, one moment,
A moment to last,
Ever serene,
Eternal peace,
This moment right here,
This place right now,
Where time has stood still,
Where life has given us,
A pause, a reprieve,
A moment to take it all in,
A moment to breathe.
A moment to cherish,
That which is you and me.
So take my hand darling,
Leave those troubles and
worries behind,
Let me wipe away those
troublesome tears,
It’s time to shine,
It’s time to light up the world,
With that radiant smile,
That holds the magic and splendor,
Radiance and resplendence,
Of a thousand splendid suns.
Take my hand darling,
And let’s dance our fears away,
One dance,
To remember the years,
One dance,
To remember promises whispered.
One dance,
To celebrate our victories,
One dance,
To celebrate the magic,
That is you and me.


Poetry Shenanigans: Sorry

So this is a writing exercise of sorts, there’s a few more poems left to be churned by the time this day is done. Here’s keeping that writing momentum going!


Sorry to disappoint,
Sorry I wasn’t what you thought
I’d be,
Gift wrapped and packaged,
Another mindless idiot,
Malleable, vulnerable, incapable,
Totally dependent on you,
Sorry I’m a thinker,
With dreams and visions,
With hopes and aspirations,
Trying, struggling and fighting,
Uphill battles, jumping obstacles
Striving to make it all the way,
To that pinnacle,
To my destination.
Sorry nobody taught you,
The true meaning of humanity,
The true nature of what it means,
To be human.
What it means to take failure in
What it means to have compassion,
What it means to give,
As opposed to just taking.
I’m sorry you don’t see the infinite
This world holds,
Despite it’s multiple flaws.
Oh but wait,
I just remembered,
This would have mattered,
But guess what?
I’m not sorry at all,
For having a mind I proudly call,
My own,
For my infinite quirks,
My beautiful scars,
My innumerable flaws,
For they all make me who I am,
A force of nature,
Inimitable, inevitable and


Poetry Shenanigans: No Regrets

There’s a wee lil’ bit of a countdown going on, keeping my fingers crossed, I guess we’ll let this day play out and see what happens! 🙂

No Regrets

Resolutions, revolutions,
Renewals, withdrawals
Revelations, Consternations,
Anticipation, Expectation,
Where one rests with the other,
All so circular,
All so ongoing,
Ever present, almost sentient,
You wonder how your stars
will align…
What it is that the future holds;
When sweet promises are made,
Of better days,
And obstacles clearing out,
Making a path, a way,
To those dreams and goals,
You spent countless sleepless nights,
Slogging for and working on.
You wonder, is today the day?
If not, it definitely has to be on it’s way…
And as the days go by,
Your faith starts slipping away,
Bit by bit, sliver by sliver,
Hope…a word, a light,
That once brightened your day,
And bolstered your mood and
Seems like a mirage,
Planted, a figment of your imagination,
Yet so distinct, so stark,
In it’s ability to pull you up,
And tear you apart.
For all those days you cried yourself
to sleep,
You tell yourself,
Tomorrow is a new beginning,
A new day, a better day,
A day where I finally emerge and
And my success has finally arrived.


Poetry Shenanigans: Mercy


Do you know what it feels like,
On the inside?
When there’s nothing left?
But just a gaping hollow space?
That already existed,
And had a designated space;
Only to be filled up,
With that thing called hope,
Only to be yanked out, ripped out,
Like a band-aid,
Like a recurring nightmare,
With no beginning and no end,
Just a continuum,
That you once learned to overcome.
Do you know what it’s like?
To have dreams put in your head,
That you once thought,
Were out of your reach,
And not in your stead?
Do you know what it is like?
To have a part of you,
A part, buried deep inside,
Brought back to life?
Only to have it slaughtered and
And regretting the day you decided,
It should see the light?
I guess you never will,
I guess you never can,
When it was so easy to give up
and let go,
While all you had to do,
Was stay and hold a hand,
And try and understand.


Poetry Shenanigans: The Greatest

The Greatest

Lights fading out,
Screams and shouts dying
All that chanting, all that cheering,
All that fame and pomp,
That once was owned,
And made one world renowned,
Has picked it’s next heir,
And left you displaced, disowned.
It’s not your time to go just yet,
You chant repeatedly,
You tell all those around you,
Until the only one left to say it to,
Is you yourself.
They call you washed out,
History, a relic,
They tell you constantly,
Your time is up.
But you know deep within,
That there’s more to come,
And that you aren’t done.
Everyday in every way,
The door is shut in your face.
Some days you wonder,
Why do I even bother?
Waking up from this slumber?
When all there is,
Is failure and rejection,
And everything you do,
Leads to yet another form,
Of utter self-destruction?
And even more despair and disdain?
While you get categorized and
Your originality disregarded,
When all they push for,
Is you to fit a label,
And be another stereotype.
You know you want to throw
your hat in the ring,
You know you want to walk away,
Call it a day, and agree with them,
That your time is up,
That you’re done.
But that fire raging within,
That never quite dimmed,
And never quite knew how to quiet
down and simmer,
Is coursing through your veins,
Whispering words of strength,
That you wished to hear,
From those you once considered,
Near and dear.
They flicker and lick away,
The doubts and criticism,
Old friends that once plagued you,
Before you broke the shackles,
That were tying you down,
And holding you back.
The greatest is yet to come,
The flames echo and whisper,
Before consuming you,
And cleansing all those doubts away.
Renew renew,
Those dreams and desires,
For you,
Are more than a label,
More than a number,
And much more than a face,
To be desired or discarded.
You’re a force of nature,
That won’t be ignored,
Creating your own path,
Creating a frenzy,
Wherever you go.


Movie Shenanigans: Dangal


Well first things first, here’s some basic information on Dangal. Dangal is a Hindi movie with the super selective Aamir Khan in one of the lead roles. The movie revolves around a few interesting themes that are very dear to my heart…but more on that later. The movie releases on Friday the 23rd of December. Dangal is directed by Nitesh Tiwari, who directed flicks like Bhoothnath Returns and Chillar Party and also wrote the screenplay for the cult flick Kill Dil.

Dangal is a sports themed movie, it revolves around the glorious sport of wrestling. It is a movie based on family, and the next few lines are a summary of the theatrical trailer of Dangal. From what I can understand, the movie is about a man who stood a chance to win a gold medal for India at the Olympics or some global sporting event, but failed to do so, and sets out to make sure his legacy, well initially his son would fulfill his dreams of winning a gold medal. But, he only has daughters and he gives up on that dream, until one day the neighbours come in with their beaten up son to air their grievances about how his kid beat their son up. Initially the father thinks it’s his nephew and literally gives him a head-slap, to which his nephew responds I didn’t, but, his daughter pipes up and says she did so because the boy called her sister names. The father is taken by surprise and an idea comes alive in his head and from then on he begins training his daughters, and set them on the path to achieve and accomplish what he couldn’t.

Listen peepz, I’m a huge fan of sports themed movies, and hell it’s going to be twice as amazing and awesome when it revolves around women athletes. I LOVE Sports, and when I was younger I always had this dream of being on the National team and representing my country on an International level….well let’s just say that didn’t happen, if anything I’ve become International. I think it’s critical and absolutely important to talk about sports and women. Sports isn’t something kids should partake in for the sake of their health…hell, my reasoning is entirely different. Sports teaches you many lessons that books, parents, relatives and friends don’t. And as far as women and sports are concerned, sure it’s easy for people to say yeah you know those backward 3rd world countries don’t have enough funding for women’s teams and all this other stuff, but guess what, the 1st world nations aren’t faring any better. Case in point being the US Women’s soccer team not getting paid as much if not better than the US Men’s soccer team who sucks in comparison. The USWNT is the #2 team in the world, whereas the US Men’s team well…let’s just say they don’t even make the Top 10. I digress, more on this topic in a separate post. Well let me go ahead and list my expectations from Dangal.

My Expectations:

-Preachy and hopefully not too long a film about women & women’s empowerment and all round badassery.
-How girls can kick ass in sports and hell can do it better, because historically let’s face it, women have won medals (especially as far as the Indian contingent & the Olympics are concerned,) compared to their male compatriots.
-Emotional overtures supporting women in sports and how women should be encouraged to participate in more sporting events.
-Most importantly, dreams are worth having and the only thing to push you to your dreams regardless of what society, people and all sorts of morons have to think and set limits to, is hope. Never lose hope and don’t fear losing, end of the day as Eminem said ‘Success is your only mother-f***ing option, failure is not.’
-Lots of tears and heavy dialogues, inducing profound waterworks, along with some stellar scenes that leave you (especially women) feeling like a champion and warrior.
-An all round great cinematic experience that leaves you feeling hopeful, strong and good.

What I hope to come out with is a sense of satisfaction that women and women in sports are represented the way it is, especially in Indian/South Asian culture. Sports is something women are dissuaded from, mostly with the ‘Well you have no future with sports and you earn jack shit with sports. Don’t waste your life pursuing useless things. It would make more sense if you pursued either an education or chose to settle down and live the domestic life. Learn how to cook, clean and keep your household together and therefore keep the world in balance, these are more important things in life.’ Let’s see what happens when I finally do watch this flick…watch this space for that review!