Poetry Shenanigans: Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Why is it easier to scorn someone?
Than to give them a shot?
Why is it easier to push someone
further down the rabbit hole?
The rabbit hole that houses all their
Their anguish and deepest, darkest
Than it is to hold them,
And remind them of silver linings
Outlining their storm clouds?
Why is it easier to criticize?
To find fault?
Than it is to compliment someone,
For their dedication,
And  intricacies of their thoughts? 
Why is it easy to break a heart?
And break people down and apart?
When you yourself know,
How it feels, to be cleaved,
And torn apart….
Why is it easy to turn a deaf ear?
Or give a cold shoulder?
To the ones we call friends,
The ones we claim to love,
To someone who only needs a kind
A warm embrace, a hand, a hug?
A friendly reminder,
That they aren’t alone?
That this moment too shall pass,
And this storm too shall be one
They weather.
Why do we bury the real us so deep?
That we forget about the true versions
of ourselves,
That once did exist?
Why do we make it hard to be human?
When all that we need to do,
Is look within,
And free the wonder, the curiosity,
The zest for life,
We once possessed,
And free it from the shackles,
And confines of isolation and ignorance?
Why is it that you and I,
Refuse to see eye to eye?
When in reality,
We have the same vision,
The same dreams, hopes and aspirations?



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