Poetry Shenanigans: The Greatest

The Greatest

Lights fading out,
Screams and shouts dying
All that chanting, all that cheering,
All that fame and pomp,
That once was owned,
And made one world renowned,
Has picked it’s next heir,
And left you displaced, disowned.
It’s not your time to go just yet,
You chant repeatedly,
You tell all those around you,
Until the only one left to say it to,
Is you yourself.
They call you washed out,
History, a relic,
They tell you constantly,
Your time is up.
But you know deep within,
That there’s more to come,
And that you aren’t done.
Everyday in every way,
The door is shut in your face.
Some days you wonder,
Why do I even bother?
Waking up from this slumber?
When all there is,
Is failure and rejection,
And everything you do,
Leads to yet another form,
Of utter self-destruction?
And even more despair and disdain?
While you get categorized and
Your originality disregarded,
When all they push for,
Is you to fit a label,
And be another stereotype.
You know you want to throw
your hat in the ring,
You know you want to walk away,
Call it a day, and agree with them,
That your time is up,
That you’re done.
But that fire raging within,
That never quite dimmed,
And never quite knew how to quiet
down and simmer,
Is coursing through your veins,
Whispering words of strength,
That you wished to hear,
From those you once considered,
Near and dear.
They flicker and lick away,
The doubts and criticism,
Old friends that once plagued you,
Before you broke the shackles,
That were tying you down,
And holding you back.
The greatest is yet to come,
The flames echo and whisper,
Before consuming you,
And cleansing all those doubts away.
Renew renew,
Those dreams and desires,
For you,
Are more than a label,
More than a number,
And much more than a face,
To be desired or discarded.
You’re a force of nature,
That won’t be ignored,
Creating your own path,
Creating a frenzy,
Wherever you go.


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