Poetry Shenanigans: Hello

Well all I can say is that I’m getting close to the finish line. The last time I wrote like this was for a school project in my Writers Craft class haha. But this is so much more fun!


Remember me?
Why are you hiding?
Shying away from reality?
Hiding your abilities?
Suppressing your words
and feelings?
Why are you shutting me out?
When you know,
The words I share with you,
Ring, echo and boom with truth?
What are you afraid of?
You’re the trailblazer,
The pioneer,
You never back down from
a fight.
Hell you’re the one,
Who can hold your own in one.
What happened to you?
You’re a shell,
Of the person you once used
to be…
I should know, I would know,
I do know,
All that you’re capable of,
All that you can be?
I know the world can be cruel,
Sometimes it seems lonely,
But you’re never alone.
Don’t shut me out,
I’m here to stay,
To be your conscience,
Your sanity in these insane times.
To be your best friend,
To be your pillar,
When it seems like the world,
Has turned it’s back on you.
Don’t ignore me,
For I’m going nowhere,
I’m always there wherever you
I’m not that different from you,
How could I be though?
Because I’m you,
Just the one that lives within,
Witnessing your evolution,
Every single day.
And sooner rather than later, 
You will realize,
It’s time to set yourself free,
From the confines and restraints
This world imposes,
And begin your own revolution.


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