Poetry Shenanigans: Let It Go

And HERE WE GO! That’s a wrap folks. So what have I been up to? With all these poems hitting the blog in rapid succession? Well I was a few poems short of hitting a 100 this year, and this is the first time (well at least it feels like it’s the first time) that I’ve written a 100 poems in a year. This is my last one to hit that century mark, hopefully next year I can keep up with the writing. A lot has happened over the course of the year, but hey what’s life without a few adventures right? Have yourselves an amazing time seeing 2016 off and here’s wishing everyone a very very Happy & prosperous New Year!

Let It Go

They say forget and forgive,
Live and let live,
That all is fair in love and war.
How easy it is to come to
such foolish conclusions,
When the price paid,
Is not anyone else’s concern,
But yours?
They say,
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you
How easy and complacent,
For spectators a plenty,
To say something so disarming,
When they don’t see,
Just how much of yourself,
Has fallen apart, died and rotted
That you might as well have been
They don’t see the hollowness,
The vacuum, the void,
That’s taken residence deep within.
They tell you to pick yourself up,
And to keep trying until you succeed.
Have they seen your battle scars?
Have they seen all the added bits and
That you’ve accumulated,
Over the years, just to stay standing?
The world is a cruel place,
They say,
Stay strong,
They say.
Funny the world is filled with the same
Who watch you fall apart,
With as much enthusiasm and gusto,
As they do,
When they tell you how to put yourself
back together.
They say,
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never harm me.’
They’ve forgotten,
Just how much they love being
Because they also like to say,
Words spoken out of anger can never
be taken back.
Aren’t we a beautiful bunch of
Who like the sound of words,
Especially the sound of our voices,
Chanting words and phrases,
Without ever really meaning a word
of it?
They say, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’
So what are you going to do about it?
The next time you find yourself cornered?
The next time you’re left nursing a
broken heart?
Are you going to let the empty comfort,
Of hollow words and indifferent sentiments,
Confound you and detach you even
Or are you going to be the sense
of clarity,
And light of ingenuity,
In this disillusioned world?



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