Poetry Shenanigans: No Regrets

There’s a wee lil’ bit of a countdown going on, keeping my fingers crossed, I guess we’ll let this day play out and see what happens! 🙂

No Regrets

Resolutions, revolutions,
Renewals, withdrawals
Revelations, Consternations,
Anticipation, Expectation,
Where one rests with the other,
All so circular,
All so ongoing,
Ever present, almost sentient,
You wonder how your stars
will align…
What it is that the future holds;
When sweet promises are made,
Of better days,
And obstacles clearing out,
Making a path, a way,
To those dreams and goals,
You spent countless sleepless nights,
Slogging for and working on.
You wonder, is today the day?
If not, it definitely has to be on it’s way…
And as the days go by,
Your faith starts slipping away,
Bit by bit, sliver by sliver,
Hope…a word, a light,
That once brightened your day,
And bolstered your mood and
Seems like a mirage,
Planted, a figment of your imagination,
Yet so distinct, so stark,
In it’s ability to pull you up,
And tear you apart.
For all those days you cried yourself
to sleep,
You tell yourself,
Tomorrow is a new beginning,
A new day, a better day,
A day where I finally emerge and
And my success has finally arrived.


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