Poetry Shenanigans: One Dance

Okay this is getting a tad bit challenging, but hey I LIVE for this sorta challenge. This is literally putting that verbal diarrhea to the test! 

One Dance

One chance, one moment,
A moment to last,
Ever serene,
Eternal peace,
This moment right here,
This place right now,
Where time has stood still,
Where life has given us,
A pause, a reprieve,
A moment to take it all in,
A moment to breathe.
A moment to cherish,
That which is you and me.
So take my hand darling,
Leave those troubles and
worries behind,
Let me wipe away those
troublesome tears,
It’s time to shine,
It’s time to light up the world,
With that radiant smile,
That holds the magic and splendor,
Radiance and resplendence,
Of a thousand splendid suns.
Take my hand darling,
And let’s dance our fears away,
One dance,
To remember the years,
One dance,
To remember promises whispered.
One dance,
To celebrate our victories,
One dance,
To celebrate the magic,
That is you and me.



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