Poetry Shenanigans: Sorry

So this is a writing exercise of sorts, there’s a few more poems left to be churned by the time this day is done. Here’s keeping that writing momentum going!


Sorry to disappoint,
Sorry I wasn’t what you thought
I’d be,
Gift wrapped and packaged,
Another mindless idiot,
Malleable, vulnerable, incapable,
Totally dependent on you,
Sorry I’m a thinker,
With dreams and visions,
With hopes and aspirations,
Trying, struggling and fighting,
Uphill battles, jumping obstacles
Striving to make it all the way,
To that pinnacle,
To my destination.
Sorry nobody taught you,
The true meaning of humanity,
The true nature of what it means,
To be human.
What it means to take failure in
What it means to have compassion,
What it means to give,
As opposed to just taking.
I’m sorry you don’t see the infinite
This world holds,
Despite it’s multiple flaws.
Oh but wait,
I just remembered,
This would have mattered,
But guess what?
I’m not sorry at all,
For having a mind I proudly call,
My own,
For my infinite quirks,
My beautiful scars,
My innumerable flaws,
For they all make me who I am,
A force of nature,
Inimitable, inevitable and


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