Poetry Shenanigans: Frostbite

Hellloooo 2017!

Hope everyone had a phenomenal time ringing in the New Year and saying goodbye to the year we leave behind. Here’s to new beginnings and new creative wonders! Live life to the fullest and find the things that keep you sane and keep you going all day long!

Here’s the 1st poem of 2017!


The weight of the world,
Crushing my chest,
Searching, seeking…
For a way out,
An escape route, a path.
Where is the respite? The relief?
All I feel are the jagged ends
of rocks and rubble,
Strewn across my path.
Heaving, having trouble
I doubt I’m going to last,
For yet another second,
Another minute.
In this monotonous world,
Where conformity is the norm.
Where chasing a dream,
Is the anomaly in this reality.
Creaking, shrieking…
Anytime now, my ribs will
cave in.
The cold is seeping in now.
The chill settling deep within
my bones.
Emanating a sense of familiarity,
A comfort I’ve come to terms
With the respite from the cold,
Maybe…just maybe,
I might make it through another day,
Planning, figuring, carving my way,
To better, weightless days.


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