Poetry Shenanigans: Left Behind

Happy Friday one and all. I’ve been trying to flex those writing muscles, and so far this is all I’ve come up with. There’s a bunch of stuff on it’s way, but you know how life has a way of just interrupting all the things you schedule? Hopefully, soon enough things will fall into place, have a great weekend!

Left Behind

This story has been told,
Over and over a hundred fold,
When the world you once held,
With the highest of regards,
Folds and crumbles,
And you take the first of many
All those who once stood by your
Turn into mere ghosts,
That scatter,
Run helter-skelter, run asunder…
When you’re unraveling,
And freefalling,
Down that deep, dark rabbit
Surrounded only by whimpers
and sighs,
Falling freely, and tumbling
From your lips,
That once poured out words,
Words of hope, words of delight,
In the wonder you seemed to be
surrounded by.
But now all it seems to know,
Are whimpers, mewls and moans,
Sighs and groans,
Lamenting, calling out, lashing out,
At all those moments that led
you here,
Muttering and screaming curses,
At forces unknown and foes known,
Until one day,
Your lips are too dry,
Your throat too parched,
To call out, to reach out,
To those that seem to pass you by.
You begin to think they’re mere
Tricks of your mind,
Casting shadows and illusions.
You keep telling yourself you matter,
You mattered enough,
For someone to note your absence,
To note the emptiness,
That seems to take up the space,
You once used to occupy.
You hold on to that faith,
Until the day you’re done screaming,
Until you realize nobody is coming,
Nobody is looking…
And just like that,
You’re nothing but a mere memory,
And you’re left behind.
Now all you know,
All there is,
In this strange and unknown space,
Is you and your will.
Will they fight? Or unite?
One leads to utter and complete
The other leads to another chance,
An opportunity,
To stand your ground,
To prove you’re all that you ever
And all that you never thought,
You could be.
So will you climb, tear and forge
your way ahead?
Or let the shadows swallow you whole?


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