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Poetry Shenanigans – Happier

Man the first quarter of 2019 is done, can you believe it? I hope the year has been treating you all well so far, if it’s been a bit of a challenging start, just please hang in there, things will change. If you need to chat or vent, please don’t hesitate to reach out, it’s okay to ask for help, we’re all in this together. It’s also perfectly okay to take some time for yourself in order to take care of yourself.

Here’s Poem #3 from the #HolidayChallengeSeries, this one is titled “Happier.” I’d love to hear your thots in that comments box down below!


Breathe, release,
Let go of it all,
Let go of the all consuming anger, 
The countless tears,
Your nightmares and fears,
Embrace the remnants of your soul and spirit.
Fire up the spark within,
Make it blaze, crackle and roar.
Know that your life and your essence,
Is worth so much more,
Than the weight,
Of all that’s crushing your soul.

Poetry Shenanigans – God’s Plan

Things have been crazy hectic and it’s been challenging to upload and share the rest of the poems from my Holiday Challenge Series. I just had to carve some time out this weekend and share this poem, and honestly I couldn’t pick a better day. So, here’s the 2nd poem outta the 10 poems of the Holiday Challenge Series.

God’s Plan
Forgive, forget,  
Repetitive words constantly preached, hardly followed. 
Love, live and let live,
Words to live by.
Be an eternal student, 
Grow and help others flourish,
These are values to stand by.
Die and leave a legacy of love behind, 
It’s the best memory you can leave behind.

Poetry Shenanigans – Girls Like You

So towards the end of 2018, more specifically the last 10 days of the year, I decided to give myself a writing challenge, specifically a poetry challenge. I challenged myself to write 10 poems and that the title of these poems would be the song titles of 10 of the top tracks of 2018. Needless to say I felt the time crunch, however, I did finish writing them all by NYE. I finally feel ready to share the poems from my Holiday Challenge series with all of you. I couldn’t have picked a better day to post this first one even if I tried. So…here you go!

Girls Like You

They say,
Girls like you,
Will never make it,
Need to fake it till you make it.
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to tone it down,
Take it easy,
Are too opinionated,
Make mountains out of molehills.
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to learn tact,
To deal with men and their ways.
Need to talk less,
Curb your tongue.
Rein in your anger, your temper,
When triggered or angered.
Take the high road, 
Be patient, be the bigger person 
they say,
Just don’t speak your mind,
Is what they really mean,
When you’re at the receiving end
Of sharp words, hurt egos,
and flaring tempers.
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to lose that weight,
Watch your hips, girth and curves.
Put on a little meat, you look too scrawny.
Put on that make-up,
To make yourself presentable,
To look prettier than you usually do.
You just may be a head turner,
A show stopper,
And be the centre of,
One too many gazes. 
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to take it easy,
Life isn’t about
Putting yourself first,
Putting your career ahead of you.
Working hard versus playing safe, 
Which is playing smart.
What’s the point anyway?
They say,
When at the end of the day,
Your ultimate purpose,
Is to be married, 
Have a home, an army of kids, a family
To look after and tend to,
Until your dying day.
As that has always been,
Your life’s one true purpose.
They say,
Girls like you,
Are getting too old,
Too old to be married,
Too old to compete 
With your ever ticking biological clock.
Too old to even have goals and dreams;
Older still to even think of chasing them.
They say too many things,
But girls like you and me,
We weren’t created,
To fill and fit,
These man-made constructs and constraints.
Our strengths and weaknesses,
Expectations, actions and their consequences,
Successes and failures,
Are our own and not dictated,
By a world that claims
To know what’s best for us.
We live life,
On our own terms.
We march and we dance,
To our own music,
And to the beats of our own drums. 

Poetry Shenanigans – Strength


It’s a thing of beauty.
It hides in a smile,
On the face of those 
Fighting battles and demons,
Unknown and unseen to us.
It shows it’s fiery self,
In the face of hardship, injustice
and suffering,
When there’s no more tears,
But only the weight of fears.
It makes itself felt in tears,
When the weight of the world
Bears you down, and wears you out,
And crushes your dreams. 
While your world,
Is spinning out of control,
It comes in the form of words and a hand,
To hold yours,
To reassure, to reaffirm,
That you’re not lost,
Never alone.
And that you’ve always got,
A shoulder to lean on,
And a place and people to call home.

SJ (December 23, 2018)

Poetry Shenanigans – Yellowed Pages

Fun things happen when you decide it’s time to declutter your room & your life. I stumbled upon a lot of interesting stuff & I have a confession to make. I’m a sentimental hoarder, and it is bloody hard to part with some stuff man! Some of this stuff truly is the equivalent of a time capsule. I kid you not, I can see myself transported back in time to that moment or instance I sat down and wrote whatever it is that I wrote. I wouldn’t call it regrets, but I do wish I’d figured some people & things out sooner. Anyhow, through the course of going through stuff this poem was inspired. I hope you all enjoy it, and like always, feel free to share your thots in the comments section down below!

Yellowed Pages

Through Archenemies,
Half-truths and whole lies,
I survived.
Through fearful phases,
And memory hazes,
I’m alive and all revived.
Through gossip columns,
Strewn across many page corners,
And blank spaces,
On word crammed pages,
Back in time,
To safer and happier places.
A smile restored,
Wistful and wise,
All to aware, 
Of the battles and journeys,
Waiting up ahead
To remedy and redefine,
The purpose of this life.


Poetry Shenanigans – Measured & Weighed

Halfway through May & sunlight & warm temps seem to be sticking around a little longer than the last few months. With Spring finally making it’s presence known, I hope it’s been just as inspiring & refreshing for all of you as it has been for me! Thanks for sticking around & reading!

Measured & Weighed

I can’t breathe; Every breath weighed and measured.
Sleep, no longer a sanctuary, 
But a canvas of dreams,
Painted in hues of fear, and shades of anxiety.


Poetry Shenanigans – Human Condition

So this particular poem was inspired while I was going through the news yesterday morning. And honestly, going through the news these days, there’s more heartbreak and suffering that some people are thriving off of. They would much rather live off of sowing seeds of discord & hate than try and help others out as their equals. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no hope in the world, there is, but sometimes the efforts to bring out a unified front is much harder than a bunch of bullies banding together and tormenting others.

Anyway, that’s about it for my lil’ frustration filled rant. Now, here’s the poem & as always, feel free to leave & share your thots!

Human Condition

With everyone calling for visibility,
Just how invisible have we become?
When did we forget?
That being human,
Meant, being one?
When did we lose ourselves?
When did we divide ourselves?
By religion, caste, gender and orientation,
And, spewing so much hate.
When did we allow one’s suffering,
To be another’s victory?
When did we let discrimination,
Take up so much space?
When did we turn into unfeeling beings?
Able to withstand so much oppression,
And so much violence?
When did we settle to be ignorant?
And have others make our choices and
shape our opinions?
What happened to the rebels and explorers,
The visionaries, the dreamers,
That resided deep within?
When did we agree,
To be divided, to be boxed in?
When did we allow,
Fears and insecurities,
Of bullies and oppressors,
And people in positions of power,
To erase our choices,
And dictate our futures?
When did we prioritize,
Nursing bruised egos,
And appeasing megalomaniacs,
Over peace, harmony and prosperity?
When did we allow freedom,
To be a fairytale, a myth,
And nothing more than a quixotic dream?


Poetry Shenanigans – Survivor


Breathe easy, stay still.
Their words, their actions,
Cuts, burns and stings,
Absorb it all, breathe it all in.
But most of all,
Stay firm, stay strong, stay still.
For, this too shall pass,
And all that will last,
Is you, and your strong and firm will.


Poetry Shenanigans – Blink

Another day, another poem. Thank you dear muse for coming around & inspiring a few words outta me, it’s been a while, but it’s good to have you back! To everybody else, happy reading!



In the blink of an eye,
Life will pass you by.
In the blink of an eye,
You better be ready to say goodbye.
In the blink of an eye,
Wars are won,
Empires crumble,
New life stumbles, wobbles,
And makes itself valid and present.
In the blink of an eye,
Hearts beat, hearts break,
Hesitation creeps in,
And hasty decisions are made.
In the blink of an eye,
You’re on top of the world,
In the blink of an eye,
Gravity is your best friend,
While your free falling nightmare never
seems to end.
In the blink of an eye,
Poetry is written,
In the blink of an eye,
Inspiration stems and grows deep within.
In the blink of an eye,
You’re the nobody,
Who unknowingly stumbles into the limelight,
To become a household name.
In the blink of an eye,
You’re the centre of attention,
Who fades into the background,
And falls from grace.
A distant memory,
Faded to gray.
In the blink of an eye,
You may wonder how and why,
It all came together,
And wonder and ponder,
At how it all fell apart.
In the blink of an eye,
Who you were a moment ago,
Is no longer who you are anymore.
So stop to smell the roses,
Celebrate your victories,
Embrace your failures,
Feel your tears,
Salty and bittersweet.
For in the blink of an eye,
When all is said and done,
Be free, be liberated,
From bitterness, from animosity,
From the chains and weight of regret.