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Poetry Shenanigans – Quest


Who knew looking for God,
In all these cases, vacant spaces and places,
Would lead to stumbling thoughts, jagged truths,
Scattered concepts of self and dream stasis?



Poetry Shenanigans – Worship


God of small things,
God of all things,
With no beginning, no end,
Only good old infinity up ahead.


Poetry Shenanigans – Fault Lines

Fault Lines

Pushed down, Pushed around, Pushed away,
Funny how people think you’ll still stick around,
Despite all the bitterness, heartache and acrid words hurled your way,
To make it work against all odds; Only to blame you when it all crumbles away.



Poetry Shenanigans – Burn


Burning, flaring, glaring,
Angry sparks, fiery flames,
Licking away, burning apart all that was hidden,
To make way for something new.


Poetry Shenanigans – Depth Perception

Depth Perception

There’s more cracks and crevices,
Than what meets the eye.
Like beauty, truths are buried skin deep,
Farther than what judgments and perceptions can reach.


Quirky Quartets: Marching On

Let’s kick start Wonderful Wednesday with a Quirky Quartet!

Marching On

Her right, my right
His right, my right,
Finally we’re banded and bonded together,
In this fight for what’s right.


Poetry Shenanigans: Hope

For a Fantastic Friday, here’s a Quirky Quartet Quip. To friends living down South, all the best today, stay strong & most importantly, stay united. Love always finds a way and is the greatest strength that binds us all.


When legacies end and tyrannies begin,
Take a moment, take a deep breath in,
And know, that this too shall pass,
And that hope shines brightest in darkest of days.