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Basically a self issued challenge to my brain to try and write short stories, and by that I mean really short, short stories.

Short Shot/Writing Spark: Voice-Mail

So this idea popped into my head before I went to bed last night. And…well…I couldn’t really ignore it, because if I do it’ll turn a little more convoluted & complicated than it initially started out. I’m not sure if I would categorize it as a short shot/story, maybe a spark? None the less, this idea kept ruminating in my head and I had to put it down on virtual paper before I went to bed, because knowing me this has the potential of being part of a bigger story or something…and when it happens I’ll welcome it with open arms, but for now at least there’s a digital copy of something lol. Hope everyone is having a good week thus far. Feel free to share your thoughts in that comments box down below.


“Hey it’s me yet again…I had no other choice. If this is the only way I can hear your voice, then so be it. I don’t care if I’m directly responsible for filling up your voice mailbox, but to hear your voice again it’s worth it. It’s been 3 weeks, but it feels like a lifetime…How can you live lifetimes in the matter of a few days? By that rationalization then, we age everyday and we’re all much older than what we think we are when we reach old age right? It’s funny, almost ironic even, since I last saw you I have no concept of time anymore. Me the stickler, the one who tracked every minute of my day is no longer a time-keeper but timeless. Every minute of every day without you sucks. There’s this pressure and vacuum in my chest that seems to grow with every passing minute. Every single morning I wake up thinking today that pressure in my chest will dissipate, but it’s growing worse, so I was thinking of going to the ER, my antacids don’t help. I wish you would tell me what to do, you always had the better ideas. I..”

*BEEP* To save your message press 1…to replay your message press 2….to delete your message press 3….to record your message press 4….


Morning Star

It most definitely has been a while since I posted something in my Short-Shots series, hopefully I can generate a few more of these this year! Here’s to the power of the written word!

Morning Star

There have only been two instances when beauty has rendered me breathless and where it felt like my heart stopped beating. And, both instances, involved her. The first time was when I saw her for the first time I saw her. My brain and heart ceased to function, and I lost my power of speech. For a suave trendsetter, that was one of the lamest things I could’ve possibly done. Let’s just say my inability to speak that day, completely destroyed my suave image, at least where she was concerned, and to be honest, I was and will always be perfectly alright with that. At least I know she got the real deal and not a façade.

The second instance I saw her, was countless years after that first meeting, at a holiday get together with friends and family. Seeing her felt as though time ceased to exist and the Universe stopped moving for that instant. Heck, I even got to experience time travel during that instant; I was able to re-live the times of my life with and without her. It was as if I was blessed with clarity and foresight in that moment. I could literally see how our choices led us exactly where we were in our lives. She looked absolutely breathtaking, and her aura lit up everything around her and made the atmosphere livelier than it was. She was surrounded by a gurgle of laughter. That was just the nature of her laughter though, the soft tinkling sound of her laughter percolated the surrounding ether and just knew how to connect with your spirit and heart and bring a smile to your face.

That soft, sweet sound was what saved my life on countless occasions and brought me through the darkest of times. I don’t think she will ever know or understand just how much of my life and survival I owe to her. All those days spent in the lonely deserts not knowing if it would be my last night, last day, sunrise or sunset, it was the sound of her laughter that kept me at bay, and, held me together. Knowing I could close my eyes and hear that sound was the balm to my war weathered soul. It was what kept me together when I spent days in the infirmary following a slight incident involving IEDs and shrapnel. The pain surely jarred my senses, the pain pills knocked my faculties around, but it was always her that I saw and thought of first and closed my eyes to. Sometimes, I would wonder if she ever thought of me…and if she did, were the thoughts of me warm memories filled with happiness and love? Or ones filled with regret, sadness and anger?

I’m pretty certain she wasn’t aware that I would make it to this grand reunion. It had been close to a decade since I saw her last…I guess 3 tours and constant transfers makes one lose track of time and distance. We did occasionally check in on each other, but over the last few years there have been significantly fewer emails and messages. Her last detailed email was to let me know about her wedding, and about the great guy she was marrying. It almost felt like she was justifying her relationship with Tom, almost asking for my permission to set her free. A part of me was devastated, I think a part of me died that day as well…but I was mostly happy knowing that Tom made her a priority, kept her happy and loved her unconditionally, and someone she could rely on. The general consensus is that he is an all round good guy and very dependable. The funny and almost ironic part was that I wound up in the infirmary after an attack the same day as her wedding. In that moment, I was stupidly happy that she was marrying someone stable and solid, and that she didn’t end up with me. Lord knows I would’ve driven her nuts with all the agony and worrying. That was the day I was extremely thankful for my rare foresight, which led both of us to our current positions in life. I was glad I broke it off with her all those years ago; Yes, I broke both our hearts in the process and ruined the best thing that ever happened to me. But I was clear, once I joined the Army, I did not want her to wait for me, I did not want her worrying about me or wondering if this tour would be my last tour. I didn’t want her to bear the scars of waiting for something that was a ‘maybe.’ She didn’t deserve that, in fact nobody does…and I didn’t leave her a choice. Sure that makes me selfish, but it was what had to be done. I couldn’t afford to shatter her future and her dreams, and throw it all away by playing the waiting game for me. People like her are meant to strive and thrive. They are the once in a lifetime kind of people who can transform the world around them. I wasn’t going to take that precious gift away from this world. Ever since she got married, we had lost touch with each other, but I’d get the customary birthday messages and holiday greetings. She even stopped asking me when I’d be home next…that’s how I knew she had finally moved on.

Didn’t I mention how seeing her made me feel like a time-traveler? Standing in that doorway, sipping my drink with a clear view of her and her radiant smile lighting up everything around her, I wondered if that moment could get any more perfect…and that’s when it happened. That’s when I was re-taught the meaning of perfection. Something caught her attention, because the smile dropped off her face and her eyes switched from warmth to concern in the fraction of a second…and then switched back to something more than warmth. It was a mix of pure love, affection and joy. That was an expression I had never seen before in her eyes, and I craned my head to see the source of the expression, and I almost choked on my drink. Just the mere sight of the vision before me had my heart and soul exploding with an inexplicable feeling of joy and love. There in her arms was a miniature version of her, the beautiful curls, a face that would win anybody over, eyes that would never lie to you and had yet to explore and discover the rest of the world, and a smile that would pierce the toughest of hearts. Funny nobody thought to mention she had a baby almost 3-4 years ago, or they must have mentioned it but I was too caught up in my world.

My world stopped moving altogether, because, that’s when she looked up and saw me standing by that doorway. Our eyes locked on to each other, and watching the transition in her eyes was apparently the moment I was living for. It went from curiosity to recognition to surprise to love and joy in a split second. We hadn’t even realized it, but we had gravitated towards each other, and she gave me that trademark smile of hers. She pulled me into a one armed hug, her eyes running over my face and form, ensuring I was real and not a figment of her imagination. After so many years, we both had trouble starting this conversation with anything besides awkward ‘hellos,’ ‘wows,’ and, ‘how are yous.’ The mini princess was the one that set the ball rolling when she looked at my lapel pin and started tugging away at it. I guess kids still love flashy things, besides the latest gadgets. Her mother started introducing me to her, and within a few moments Tom had arrived at the scene as well, and there we were getting reacquainted with each other and our extended families.

But, like everything else in life, the moment had to come to an end, and it did, with such aplomb, when my phone went off in the middle of the celebrations. I checked to see if it was a call I could ignore, but it was from one of my unit members, which I couldn’t avoid. I excused myself, headed back to my previous position and was informed that our entire unit was expected to report to base the next morning. Well, that could only mean one thing…we were being deployed yet again. I hung up and heaved a sigh…whether it was relief or just expecting the obvious, I will never know. I raised my glass with a smile as if toasting the evening to my civilian self and downed it in one large gulp. I rubbed my face, and looked up to see her looking at me with concern, her face framed into a question. A question that was asking me if I had to leave already? I answered with a smile, and, a shrug. This was something I expected from the life I chose, though sometimes I wish it would give me a little more time with people that mattered most. I walked towards her, and as I got closer I noticed the unshed tears in her eyes, and felt a familiar ache and crack in my heart. That expression was the one I had fought to keep off her face all those years ago…but I guess some things are beyond our control. Finally I was standing in front of her, looking at the only thing that was home for me, her wonderstruck eyes. I think the expression on my face confirmed her suspicions, because she had a resigned look. I took her face in my hands, and gave her my trademark cocky smirk telling her everything would be okay and I would obviously return, sincerely hoping heart of hearts that she would believe and accept my words. It’s hard to explain, but this time around when I got the call, there was this weird feeling, almost a sense of finality. I told her I had to go, and in that moment I remembered something that I once wanted her to have. At that time, I had every intention of spending the rest of my life with her, but circumstances and people change with time and things did not go that way. I quickly slipped off the ring she had once fancied, and slipped it into the palm of her right hand. She gave me a puzzled look and my only response was to hold her face once more, plant a kiss on her forehead and tell her how her happiness was all that ever mattered to me and that I was taking a slice of it with me tonight to tide me over until I returned. I saw Tom a few feet away, walked up to him, and told him I had to leave. Before leaving, I gave him a hug and thanked him for being such a stellar and amazing guy, for looking after her the way he did, and left with a promise of spending more time with them the next time I was in town.

As I walked towards my car, I turned around to memorize this house, this haven of happiness and sear it to my memory, so I could take it with me wherever I went. This could be the last time I saw this place, and most importantly her face. The memories of the evening and the time spent with her flashed through my mind, and were added to my lifetime collection. With that, I turned around and left with the memories of my Morning Star forever seared in my heart and soul, off to face the unknown.

Union-ville Circus

Hey Everyone!

I hope your week has been absolutely fantabulous, I hear quite a few sighs of relief celebrating the fact it’s Friday!! Well, well done and it’s about damn time it got here now ‘en it? None the less, here’s a mindless Short Shot I came up with, I was in a rather amused and mindless place, it’s been a rather trying week for me. So hey I’ll settle for just about anything. Well that’s it from my end and as always thanks for stopping by!! 🙂


Begin Transmission….

All everyone wants is a little love and lots of attention, or the other way around. Whichever way you spin it, the love and attention part is what people love. Whether it’s genuine or otherwise is a whole other concern for a whole other set of people. It is in our human nature to want that which we believe we are entitled to, regardless of how we get it.

That being said…picture this, a beautiful summer day, with the right amount of a summer breeze wafting it’s way through the grounds. These very grounds currently are the venue for someone’s biggest dream come true…their wedding. Of course, the grounds, the ‘Royal Union Grounds’ in itself was something that was the talk of the town, the choice battle between quite a few couples and wedding planners…if only the original designers of the grounds knew what the future held for their masterpiece, perhaps they would’ve considered creating a few more. But then what do the grounds know right? They’re just there to host an auspicious event that signifies a union between two souls, where two paths intersect and merge to become one…there really is nothing greater than the story of human connection. How one came across another, fell madly in love and knew their love to be the greatest, without any of this star-crossed lovers business, or any of the bitter, tragic and un-fulfilling ends to their tales of love and dedication. As if the movies haven’t over exploited those story-lines enough, we don’t need to constantly witness those over dramatic scenarios in real-life.

On an official note, welcome to the ‘Royal Union Grounds,’ the grounds do not appreciate being ignored for too long. This is the very venue that launched many a blossoming relationship into the far reaches of happiness, peace, bliss, love and eternal harmony and all the idealism that follows along. Of course these grounds had no idea how many of their blissful unions wound up staying successful or, how many hit a snag and collapsed in on itself like a house of cards. Good thing they don’t have to witness the ugly court room dramas, alimony or settlements hurled back and forth. Nor do they know if the weddings are a gold digger’s paradise or a resonating and radiant symbol of love, hope and diabetes inducing sweet virtues. What it did know, was the number of times the lawnmower made it’s appearance to keep those blades of grass looking even, lush and every photographer’s contrast come true. What it also did know was that today, was another one of those powerful union symbolizing events, and what it thankfully did not know were the players involved….Or else, those very grounds could have prepared for some live action of a different nature and feature. A beast that needed a beast-master of another kind to tame it…

So this is how that one story, that sets all stories apart, goes…That one fine, bright, summery day of perfection, suddenly discovered the meaning of imperfection and what it meant to be host to a comedy of errors and theatrics of the finest sort. For the first time in it’s fine and prestigious history, it was blessed and cursed with a ‘Runaway Bride.’ Well in the grounds defense, it had no idea what game was being played nor the backup plans hatched around said game. And in the Bride’s defense, love ain’t blind if you know how to train and fine tune it’s vision problem…Besides, what’s love without indulgence, riches, an insurance policy and if you’re taking the major leap, a pre-nup? Just a fool’s ideal…

So who was to blame for the end result of this wedding? Why the bleeding economy and the stock market of course! Now if Richard, the distant rich and instantly poor groom had bothered to have his finances in check and, were watching his shares and investments, perhaps the heir of a fortune now straying unto the path of misfortune, could have avoided the biggest fiasco in his young, tender life. And, in addition to all those expenses that constituted his fancy wedding and reception he wouldn’t have had to worry about paying off the stables for the insurance cover they had on file for any horse potentially stolen …followed by being absolutely stuck and unable to do anything about the fancy automobile he recently procured for his bride-to-be. If only Richy Rich had used the right organ to make his decision, perhaps he would have still been rich and not robbed off of his riches and become Rejected/Repugnant/Ripped-off/Regrettable Richard. But then again, credit must be given to Sly Sally for playing a well played match-making, heart binding, soul-lifting game, while keeping eyes on tallies of Richard’s assets, investments and net worth.

But fortune had it’s fill with Richard, and so decided to empty out his till while slamming him with many a bill. But good ol’ Sly Sally, caught a whiff of fortune’s fading scent, and the morning of their great big union, before the anvil sealing Richard’s fortune free future dropped, she conjured a tale of woe. A tale of duty towards love, towards morality and principle, and claimed her heart belonged to him no more. And so with a flourish, she grabbed up bunches of her wedding gown, and hurtled back away from the aisle, abandoning her veil and the oh so splendid train, trailing her gown, and trampling the Royal Union Ground’s’ lush and lavish green grass.

The crowd stood standing, mouths agape, wide awake from all the excitement of a broken wedding, buzzing phones, wailing children, a gobsmacked groom and a runaway bride. The groundskeeper stood staring, scratching his head in wonder, for never in his life had he ever seen a sight like this before wherefore the ground had been trampled like a battle-field instead of being a site and sight of grace, happiness and bliss. A first of it’s kind to happen here on these sacred grounds, he thought to himself…and then lamented and chided the ways of the current world and it’s lack of values and morals, and with a shake of his head in disapproval he was off to clean up the mess left behind by the human circus.

End Transmission….


This short shot was inspired by a few scenarios and settings that have wormed their way through over the past few weeks, days and hours. The title however, was primarily inspired by Coldplay’s song ‘Lost!’ from the album Viva La Vida…a bloody brilliant song might I add. Of course, that is my opinion about most of Coldplay’s songs anyway. None the less, I don’t want to make this a super long intro message, but just wanted to say that I own everything else except the quote and the actual song. Please feel free to express yourselves in the ‘Comments’ section below and thanks for tuning in. Cheers!


Begin Transmission….


‘Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.’ – George Bernard Shaw

We are who we claim we aren’t, stake our reputations down on who we think we are, but sometimes we never quite fit in that outfit we built for ourselves. Nobody likes seeing weak armour, it’s a sign of frailty, of weakness, a sign of being dented easily and of being well below retail price, almost worthy of a clearance sale with no chance of a refund or exchange. However, the only people, who ever know our true worth are the ones who own us and genuinely realize our value, and worth, and, cherish every moment spent with us. Then of course, there is that set of people who undervalue us, hoist us like show pieces for a purpose and chuck us out, if not hand us down…with both futures being rather uncertain, bleak and at times quite unforgiving.

Here’s another brilliant factoid, who knew being so completely inebriated was the key to gaining insight and wisdom? It is common knowledge, and proven by far too many, that being drunk frees your mind of it’s inhibitions, along with other parts of your body and being. However, being so absolutely inebriated frees your soul as well, or so is the moral of the lesson being imparted here.

We race ahead in life trying to get to the next level, the next stage, because it looks so much more appealing, and so much better than what we have in the here and the now. We don’t enjoy our childhood while we can, because we’re all about embracing the next phase of life so as to beat the rules and regulations laid down upon us, and to be rebels within boundaries. Ultimately, all we really achieve are surpassing more rules, more regulations and trying to beat the level before our time’s up in said level. We either end up being the Honor Roll students or the losers in the back row who are judged and presumed to not really have a future, because come on how often do people think screw-ups can ever amount to anything right? The ones in the middle are of no importance really, because they stand neither here nor there in the strength, grit and integrity departments, they’re just middle-men and women that you presumably pass by in life. Who comes up with these analogies really? But, in all that time racing ahead and doing all sorts of fun, competitive things in life, we forget who we are doing any of this for and basically the purpose behind it all. Somewhere along the way, the lines blur between gaining, sustaining and achieving legacies. In the end, despite the race we’re running, we all check out at the same line, probably not at the same time, but the fate that meets us in the end is ultimately the same.

Well here’s the cherry on the cake, or the chaser to my shot…whilst gaining insight on knowledge that was once naught I hear the bartender calling out the last round for the night…the final call. This is probably the last round of clarity that is headed my way with my best mates Jack, Johnny and good ol’ Captain Morgan, before another day of nonsense and mundane routines takes over yet again. The questions of why and how, hounding every fiber of rational, moral and logical thought processes accompanied by a surly hangover.

You would think the finer aspects of introspection and reflection would come over some intense brooding while sitting on a couch in a corner somewhere in the dark, where the only source of light is either the dancing flames of a drying fire from the fireplace, or the rather radiant monitor of your laptop. You would think sobriety cleared up all your clouded thought processes, especially after being served up with a breakup, being laid off from your dream job, which obviously didn’t see dreams as grand as yours, and basically being kicked in the shins and teeth, by life every which way. All that brooding, all it ever does is lead to more thoughts, more thinking, more wormholes and rabbit holes but never any solutions, never any light at the end of the tunnel.

Well my time here is up, the last round is done; the last of everything appears like the setting sun. Time to hitch a ride in that yellow carriage…back to my fortress, back to supposed ‘solace.’ But prior to that, I think I have a confession if not an announcement to make….Ladies and gents I think I just may have found my new addiction, and my finest solution to that confusing, treacherous, flummoxing predicament if not paradox called life. Hear this, my ABSOLUT promise, for shall I return when happy hour returns, to bottles flowing, and the liquid elixir that brings life to frigid veins, shattered hearts and confounded minds. Au revoir until then, friends, foes and all of those with way too many woes.

End Transmission….



Presenting Story #2 from the ‘Short Shot’ series. It’s been inspired by a number of songs and incidents, but I felt ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash best describes the essence of this short. Well have fun reading, and let me know what you think!

Begin Transmission

It’s a common misconception you know…The good old green monster isn’t Oscar the grouch, but, good old bittersweet envy…it’s almost akin to Poison Ivy, well if you were to give it a hue of green. Here’s another fact about envy, it isn’t something just associated with the rich and famous; it’s the ghost that haunts us all. The shadow-less entity that’s poised to strike at any time, that sits in that exclusively reclusive section of our minds. It’s the fatal blow that maims all of us, regardless of how ordinary or extraordinary we might be. It’s the one virtue, the one sin that is either responsible for our ascent to the top, or our rapid descent to rock bottom.

As children, we never saw our days speeding by us. They progressed from one moment to another, and each moment was met with an excitement and anticipation to move on towards the next moment. We never really pause to think of our actions, all we want to do then, at that age is, to learn, live, leap and fly off towards the path of happiness and dreams. Nothing seems impossible, and if it does, we either set our hearts on overcoming them or we shrug it off and find something else to catch our attention and captivate our imaginations. The innocence and purity of our intentions and thoughts guide us to what we see and perceive…and then adulthood sets in.

We all wanted to grow up so terribly fast, that once we got there, we wanted the clock to slow down. Suddenly we weren’t as impatient for time to fly by…suddenly perspective started keeping pace with our actions, and, reflections and regrets started rearing their heads at reality. We begin to question motives, people and intent; and somehow, rationality and logic find their way into our dictionaries and categorically qualify and eliminate what we should consider as logical ambitions and foolhardy if not idealistic dreams. For every new lesson learned, we lose just a little bit more of ourselves.

Then there are those instances when life forces it’s hand and makes you stop, despite your urgency to get to your ultimate destination. Everybody remembers reveling in the sight of you falling, some with utter satisfaction, and others with a hidden satisfaction; somehow very few share your sense of utter dejection. Everybody also remembers your meteoric rise back against the odds; that’s when they conveniently remember you exist, and scream words of approval and encouragement of how they always knew you could do it. Some with smiles as fake as knock off Pradas, others with grim smiles of disappointment and fear at what is to come with the slightest tinge of anger and jealousy bringing just a little more fire into their eyes. And yet others, with their fangs retracted and claws bared, unafraid to announce and display their open hostility. Unfortunately, nobody remembers the countless humiliations, the countless sights and sighs of disappointment buzzing through the air and piercing the heart and soul like the sharpest slivers of glass. Nobody hears the silent tears; hidden and swept up by day and wept through soul shattering wracking sobs at night. Nobody knows how difficult it is to breathe, while being suffocated by your world crumbling upon itself, and, imploding in on itself. End of the day, it’s always easier to trample those being trampled beneath countless feet, and it’s always much easier to stand on the side of the victors in the hopes of being remembered for you support then, and not during the greatest time of need.

Oh envy, how you color the world, with your desire to thrive and your lust to live. If only you could be seen for the temptress you are, for the hidden entity doing her unforgiving bidding of cracking and battering the mold of a heart and soul, once innocent, once blessed, once pure. Here us mortals remain, your greatest triumph, your greatest victory, your greatest creation, exposed, uninhibited and unhidden.

End Transmission

‘Coming Home’

This first ‘Short Shot’ is based on the Skylar Grey song titled ‘Coming Home’…If you do go looking for it, type in ‘Coming Home Part 2.’ I hope you find it mildly entertaining!

-Begin Transmission-

I wonder…I really do wonder, if this is how everyone feels while waiting it out to catch their flight at the airport. Do they feel as uneasy and nervous as I do, while waiting to board their flights? I think I’ve chewed off pretty much all my nails…a habit I thought I’d gotten over a long time ago. Clearly, just like everything else thus far, I was mistaken. 14 hours until I get to my destination, which means I still have 14 hours to change my decision…to not board this flight…to turn back and let my resolve dissolve. I check my watch yet again, probably the 150th time doing so…Yupp there’s been no change in the last 2 minutes since I last checked my watch. Guess I should’ve thought of the ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ question before clearing security…That just leaves me to conclude that my heart, gut or even brain for that matter decided on the matter before I could logically and rationally process my thoughts. It’s surprising how perceptions change with time…I remember feeling this anxious, or maybe a little less anxious than I am at the moment, a few years ago when I made a decision to leave home for greener pastures and brighter futures. At that point, I wasn’t even sure if I was certain about the decision I’d made, or, if my enthusiasm to go ahead with this decision was a result of riding the euphoric waves of happiness everyone else around me seemed to be riding when they heard my decision. But between then and now, so much has changed…the place I called home makes me feel more like a transient visitor if not a tourist, catching the sights, taking pictures to capture the moments and playing the waiting game all over again at yet another airport waiting to board that flight back to reality.

A while later I notice my leg shaking of its own accord…Great, now I have no control over my physical reactions as well. Nice work, this is definitely going to be a unique homecoming. The butterflies definitely seemed to be growing exponentially every time we pass the quarter hour mark. The closer it gets to boarding time, the more sweaty my palms get, the more jittery my legs get…pretty soon I’m going to start squirming in my seat at the boarding gate. I have got to get it together…but then again I’m not sure what to expect. It’s not like I’m going to get a hero’s welcome, in fact, nobody really knows about my arrival…I think they all gave up on me. I can almost distinctly remember seeing the twinkling excitement and joy in their eyes dissipate the last time I was back. The chill in the air was so very real and palpable that it could probably freeze anything in a 10 mile radius, but sometimes life leaves us no choices with the decisions we have to take and make. I finally get up from where I’m seated and look around at my semi-full gate, knowing full well that I’ll lose my spot, but I just can’t sit here and take it anymore. I have to walk around, probably get a coffee while I wait, buy a book to read on the flight, just something or anything really to distract me from what lies ahead.

I walk around perusing through the various sections of the Duty-free store, contemplating if I should pick up that bottle I promised I would pick up one day when I flew home for Dad, once I made something of myself. I find myself staring a little too long at it, perhaps a little unnecessarily as well and turn around and walk away from the alcohol section and drift towards the watches, jewelry and fragrances sections and remember similar promises I made to myself for my Mum and the others that mattered. Oh boy, perhaps leaving my spot was a terrible idea…I dash out of there and head to the closest bistro/café and hope some mind altering caffeine can clear my head of all these unnecessary thoughts. I step into one such establishment, place my order and get myself a quiet corner to sit in. I look outside the café and see all the eager travelers frolicking about, some pointing and staring at things in display windows, others taking pictures with their various devices and posing in front of stores, pieces of art and what not…taking a moment to record these memories in digital format so they can share it with the rest of the world, and then some people hustling and bustling off towards the washrooms. As I turn and look to my side I see a pair of twinkling eyes, the color of chocolate, observing me. I look at the owner of those heartwarming eyes and I see an expression mirroring mine; brows furrowed out of curiosity, an upturned mouth curious as to whether it should transform into a smile or stay in a perpetual frown. I make the attempt to communicate first, I wave…this causes him to move forward in his seat and observe me closely. This is followed by me smiling and making faces at him…after a few moments of uncertainty he starts gurgling and giggling in approval and seems to be having fun. Of course his enthusiasm catches his parents’ attention who now turn towards me…so much for discretion. With a sheepish smile I tell them how adorable their little boy is, they smile their thanks and try and get the little guy to have his snack, and I try and redirect my attention now to the TV to try and catch a few news updates before leaving.

As my attention flits back to my little friend, a new and sudden wave of realization, fear and anxiety hits me in the chest, and I know right then and there that I have to get out of there. I guess the little guy senses that I’m perturbed and starts getting fidgety in his seat…it amazes me how little kids are able to pick up human emotions so quickly, no matter how much we try to hide or bury them. For just a moment, I stop and look into his eyes, searching for an answer, and without any words I guess I asked him if I would be able to shoulder the biggest responsibility I’ve ever come across in my entire life? He flashes me a huge grin, and, slams his sloppy hands onto the tray of his high chair in approval. With a small smile on my face, I check the time, and see that time has actually managed to fly by a lot faster at the café, and that my flight is about to start boarding in the next 15 minutes. I gather my belongings, look towards my new friend, nod my head in thanks, wish his parents a safe journey and head off towards my gate.

I’m not as anxious as I was a few hours ago. I know it’s going to be an arduous and difficult road ahead, what with restoring broken bonds, repairing and creating new vows…but in the end it will work out, it just has to work out. Why? Because, end of the day home really is where it all begins and where it all ends. Where, every beginning, be it promising or bitter, meets with a rightful end and where a balance is struck.

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Short Shots – An Introduction

So I’ve decided to create and accept a challenge of sorts that I’ve issued myself. One of the blogs I follow had this concept of ‘Flash Fiction February’ where you basically write a short story limited to about a 1000 words everyday and you pretty much post it on your blog. I’ve sorta kinda modified the rules just a tad bit, well I can’t exactly write a short story everyday ‘cuz of the whole time factor. That being said though, the modified version of that challenge is basically that I’m going to try and write shorts as inspired by the music I listen to. I, or rather, my brain does this annoying thing, where it pretty much converts an entire song (that I’m listening to) into a music video (of sorts) or a montage of scenes. So what I plan on doing, is to try and tap into that the next time around it happens, create a short and post it on here. Feel free to read (at your own risk) and it’s always wonderful to get some feedback as well.

I will be posting the first story in the ‘Short Shots’ series in the next little while. I just wanted to split the posts so as to explain the point of this whole thing, otherwise the post would turn out to be one mammoth post to read. I hope everyone’s having or has had a fantastic weekend. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead!