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Poetry Shenanigans – Just Be

Just Be

Be a wobbly noodle,
Be a string of cheese.
Be whatever it is,
You damn well please.



Movie Shenanigans: Dangal


Well first things first, here’s some basic information on Dangal. Dangal is a Hindi movie with the super selective Aamir Khan in one of the lead roles. The movie revolves around a few interesting themes that are very dear to my heart…but more on that later. The movie releases on Friday the 23rd of December. Dangal is directed by Nitesh Tiwari, who directed flicks like Bhoothnath Returns and Chillar Party and also wrote the screenplay for the cult flick Kill Dil.

Dangal is a sports themed movie, it revolves around the glorious sport of wrestling. It is a movie based on family, and the next few lines are a summary of the theatrical trailer of Dangal. From what I can understand, the movie is about a man who stood a chance to win a gold medal for India at the Olympics or some global sporting event, but failed to do so, and sets out to make sure his legacy, well initially his son would fulfill his dreams of winning a gold medal. But, he only has daughters and he gives up on that dream, until one day the neighbours come in with their beaten up son to air their grievances about how his kid beat their son up. Initially the father thinks it’s his nephew and literally gives him a head-slap, to which his nephew responds I didn’t, but, his daughter pipes up and says she did so because the boy called her sister names. The father is taken by surprise and an idea comes alive in his head and from then on he begins training his daughters, and set them on the path to achieve and accomplish what he couldn’t.

Listen peepz, I’m a huge fan of sports themed movies, and hell it’s going to be twice as amazing and awesome when it revolves around women athletes. I LOVE Sports, and when I was younger I always had this dream of being on the National team and representing my country on an International level….well let’s just say that didn’t happen, if anything I’ve become International. I think it’s critical and absolutely important to talk about sports and women. Sports isn’t something kids should partake in for the sake of their health…hell, my reasoning is entirely different. Sports teaches you many lessons that books, parents, relatives and friends don’t. And as far as women and sports are concerned, sure it’s easy for people to say yeah you know those backward 3rd world countries don’t have enough funding for women’s teams and all this other stuff, but guess what, the 1st world nations aren’t faring any better. Case in point being the US Women’s soccer team not getting paid as much if not better than the US Men’s soccer team who sucks in comparison. The USWNT is the #2 team in the world, whereas the US Men’s team well…let’s just say they don’t even make the Top 10. I digress, more on this topic in a separate post. Well let me go ahead and list my expectations from Dangal.

My Expectations:

-Preachy and hopefully not too long a film about women & women’s empowerment and all round badassery.
-How girls can kick ass in sports and hell can do it better, because historically let’s face it, women have won medals (especially as far as the Indian contingent & the Olympics are concerned,) compared to their male compatriots.
-Emotional overtures supporting women in sports and how women should be encouraged to participate in more sporting events.
-Most importantly, dreams are worth having and the only thing to push you to your dreams regardless of what society, people and all sorts of morons have to think and set limits to, is hope. Never lose hope and don’t fear losing, end of the day as Eminem said ‘Success is your only mother-f***ing option, failure is not.’
-Lots of tears and heavy dialogues, inducing profound waterworks, along with some stellar scenes that leave you (especially women) feeling like a champion and warrior.
-An all round great cinematic experience that leaves you feeling hopeful, strong and good.

What I hope to come out with is a sense of satisfaction that women and women in sports are represented the way it is, especially in Indian/South Asian culture. Sports is something women are dissuaded from, mostly with the ‘Well you have no future with sports and you earn jack shit with sports. Don’t waste your life pursuing useless things. It would make more sense if you pursued either an education or chose to settle down and live the domestic life. Learn how to cook, clean and keep your household together and therefore keep the world in balance, these are more important things in life.’ Let’s see what happens when I finally do watch this flick…watch this space for that review!


Poetry Shenanigans: Art Of Company

Here we go once again with the word-play. More poetry, coming your way. Have a Fantastic Friday one & all.

Art of Company

The poet’s only friends,
Are the words at their disposal.
A dreamer’s friends,
Are the dreams,
That fill their eyes with stars of hope,
That light up their faces,
With smiles fuelled by possibilities.
A visionary’s only friend,
Are visions of efficiency,
For better days and brighter futures.
A drunkard’s best friend,
Is the same ol’ bottle of booze,
That’s been truer to them,
Than all those who wrote them
Even misery loves company,
For what are we,
When there is only I, I and me?


Fears, Tears & Belief


Fears, Tears & Belief

Some days I sit and wonder,
Is everything in this world redundant?
Every mistake, every lesson,
The result of many an epic blunder?
Where what I’ve been seeking,
Really isn’t what they promised
taught or preached,
Back in school,
And drilled into our brains everyday,
That hard work pays.
They promised us freedom and
Based on chapters in books.
The promised us permanence,
Based on their skewed perception
of reality.
Rewarding those willing to be
Willing to keep their head down
And unquestionably follow rules;
Versus those who choose to stand tall,
And question the relevance of it all.
Who end up being called heroes and
Posthumously…once they fall.
Until then,
Their actions and words,
Decried and condemned.
Their virtues, their character
Sullied, defiled and stained.
And once nothing remains of them,
Where words and pictures fail,
Stories of their focus and restraint,
Become legends and myths to enthrall us.
Their resilience and resistance,
Stories of inspiration, to drive us.
Legends they call them in the future,
But, mere criminals in the present.
So, who do we blame?
When we as a civilization fail and fall?
When all we ever do,
Is look for ways to tear each other apart,
Instead of holding each other,
And standing united, together.


The Struggle Within


Hey guys,

I hope you’re all doing great and things are going well. I was actually planning on laying low for a while, the writing hasn’t been flowing as much as I’d like it to. But something I read today just set something off within, and I wasn’t able to process what I read to the full emotional extent that I’m usually capable of, because that’s how bamboozled and flabbergasted I was. None the less, here we go, less talking, more poetry. Have a good weekend everyone.

The Struggle Within

I don’t know I don’t know,
I can’t take their screams
Their hollowed eyes,
Searching hallowed skies,
For some sort of reprieve,
Some reprise,
Why can’t I stand to see,
The reality of the world,
That crowds me.
Why is it so hard to breathe?
So stifling…so suffocating
In an atmosphere filled with
Sickly sweet,
An odor ever…

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A New Day Has Come

Alright time for more poetry shenanigans. Inspiration strikes at the least expected times. None the less I hope everyone is doing great and things are going well.

A New Day Has Come

Hey you,
Yeah you,
Sitting in the corner,
With the weight of
the world,
On your tiny shoulders,
Twirling and twisting,
That pretty little ring,
Around your finger.
Hoping to find answers,
Eyes dazed, confused,
Lost even.
Hoping to emerge,
From the haze of confusion,
Clouding your judgment,
Shrouding your conscience,
Eating away,
At the parts of you,
Untouched and uncorrupted,
By the realities,
And harshness of life.
Hang tight…hold on,
You’re not alone,
If ever, you seek the light,
You will find it,
Shining through the cracks
and crevices,
Seeping through your pores,
And sneaking through,
To your very core.
Because like the night,
The darkness that consumes
Will find it’s end,
And will be scattered away
By the light of day,
The light to guide the way,
And stir up the dregs of
You once thought,
Had dissipated…
If not, gotten away.
The bravest thing you can
To tide you through,
Is to,
Embrace your fears,
They abandon you faster
that way.
So hold on my friend,
The world is yours for the
Your call for help and justice,
Your screams for liberation,
Your wails for the dreams
you lost,
Will be answered, pacified and
Sooner rather than later.

In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes

In her dreamy eyes,
Lay a promise.
To be held close.
A promise,
That she would never let go.
A look of finality,
Absolute clarity,
Emitting and radiating,
In that moment,
A sense of serenity.
Never before have those eyes,
Spoken words of such strength,
With such integrity,
And certainty.
In her eyes,
I find myself once more.
The lost traveller,
Stranded, abandoned, alone,
Who once set out,
On a journey of self discovery
and excitement,
Only to be turned around,
And misguided,
By the mirages along the way.
In her eyes,
I see once again,
The spark, the faith, the fire
That lights up the beacons
of hope,
Along the long abandoned
To the countless dreams,
Bursting at the seams,
To come alive,
And fill this scraggly
traveller’s treasure box
With memories to last a lifetime,
Until I make it home.
In her eyes,
I see the beginning,
The end,
And eternity….

Rest Assured

Happy New Year one and all!!! I hope you all had a spectacular time ringing in 2016 and bidding 2015 a fond farewell or just farewell (doesn’t necessarily have to be fond lol.) I wish you all only the very best 2016 has to bring to your lives, much love, happiness, success, prosperity, inspiration and motivation to chase down your aspirations with grit and steadfast determination. I hope you creative geniuses keep churning out your magick, ‘cuz there’s some of us (such as yours truly) who can’t wait to be dazzled by your creations. Well enough with my 2016 intro schnazz & let’s get on with the show shall we? Here’s the first poem of 2016, feel free to leave yer thots & sentiments at the end!

Rest Assured

How time flew,
None of us knew,
There you were,
In your usual casual stance.
Every now and then,
Looking about,
Sparing, casting a glance
To the world around you.
Hoping, by chance,
That the look in your eye,
Is seen by none.
The pain,
The flicker of curiosity
The twinkle of mischief
The warmth of love and happiness,
Missed, hidden,
Swept away,
With the mere blink of an eye.
Buried, wrapped beneath
countless layers.
Seen by none,
Felt by none but one.
You and just you alone.
Submerged, engulfed,
Swallowed whole,
By the weight of your world,
And, the avalanche of your thoughts.
But here in this time and place,
Free yourself of your burdens,
Lose yourself in the world,
You restrain yourself from,
For fear of repercussions.
Release yourself from the chains
of aftermaths.
Let go of your shackles.
Unveil that beautiful soul,
You keep hidden,
Out of fear of betrayal,
Unmask that beautiful face,
The one that enthralls the world,
The one filled with such innocence
and purity,
That the scars of reality and betrayal,
Seems to have replaced,
To face each day anew.
Unleash that radiant smile,
The one you keep locked up,
The one you share sparingly and bashfully,
With the very few you hold close
and dear,
Like your own little treasure trove.
Like a dazzling ray of hope,
In this desert of despair and desperation,
Where everyone looks haunted,
By ghosts,
That never seem to back down,
But only grow.
Share that heart that beats within you,
The one that houses all the love, care and kindness,
Yet to be seen, to be experienced
With those of us around you.
It’s understandable,
A heart broken one too many times,
Doesn’t like taking more chances,
Than those taken, only to be broken.
Free yourself,
From the prison of your thoughts,
From the pungent bitterness of your
Cast that glance of yours,
To my outstretched hand,
Waiting to grab and hold on to yours.
Let go…it’s in your eyes,
Feel it in your soul,
With every loud racing beat of your heart,
Free the curious child within you,
Take a chance,
Dance a new dance,
Fearless yet uncertain,
Dance to a new beat,
And rest assured,
I’ll hold your hand through it all,
And never let go.

Through the Looking Glass Series

Hey  hey one and all,

So as we all know, I have a huge dent in my heart and soul for all things linked to creativity. Initially when I conjured up T-Faktoree I thought I’d do a lot of awesome things like movie reviews and series reviews (which I do every once in a while) or music reviews (there hasn’t been much happening on the music scene to write home about, to be quite honest.) Well the plan included all of the above as well as flooding your visual spaces with a barrage of words strung together in the form of poetry or short stories. I did think about posting chapters to some of my longer tales, but let’s face it, while you all have been brave enough to endure the poetry and short stories, going through actual stories I’ve written takes up a lot of patience. Now while I would love to enthrall you all with my movie reviews and what not, I find I’d like to share my perspective in terms of impact vs. presentation. Not sure if you get my drift, but, here’s the deal…I want to do a little more than say ‘Oh yeah that was a sound screenplay’ or aaahhh check out the filters they used or the type of cameras and lighting and effects they used and then some. Sure flicks are a thing of the imagination, they’re fictional…but all things fictional stem from a certain element of truth. Sharing, sentiments & opinions…those are the ingredients that make my cuppa tea. If you wanna hop on along for the ride, I’d only be more than happy to share the journey :).

OH! Speaking of movie reviews, here’s a blog you MUST follow! Not only is every aspect and angle of a movie review covered, but c’mon who doesn’t love reviews served up with a side of sarcasm & wit! For more movie awesome-ness check out Shah’s Page!

On that note, hope everyone is doing great and finding their slice of happiness everyday :)!