Nano Series/Novella Series

Hey all,

So this year has been quite a turning point as far as my writing is concerned. I actually managed to finish writing a short story/Novella not too long ago and I wanted to share it with everyone. I tried doing so on Wattpad, but I was informed that friends who tried reading it were having trouble doing so because they needed to be members in order to have access to the story.

I hope you guys & gals enjoy this new segment and yeah do let me know what you think of the stories that will eventually find their way here. The way I plan on posting the Nano series is not putting all the chapters into 1 post, but 1 post per chapter. I think aesthetically that would be a tad bit more pleasing as well, as opposed to seeing a whole chunk of text, rolling your eyes and whining about the word count. Keep your eyes peeled for new updates.