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Poetry Shenanigans – Preacher, Say A Prayer

Things have been a bit topsy turvy around the world these days. Some headlines have blown my mind, because they’ve been just that mind boggling & some headlines have restored a diminishing faith in humanity. All the stupid, ignorant fools in the world have been using our differences, be it physical, genetic, emotional, mental, sexual, religious…and the list goes on, in the worst ways possible. Why does it matter if we’re different? It’s what makes us unique & it is also what brings us together. Just think about it, if we all thought the same way, then life as we know it would be boring & bland, we wouldn’t be scurrying about trying to discover & create things that make our lives better, that enriches our souls & makes us better people & that just makes us as a species better.

Anyway, I’m done with my lil’ schpiel here. All I have to say is we’re stronger together, so stay strong & stay united.

Preacher, Say A Prayer

Preachers, prayer men,
Stack your prayers,
Your principles,
Your beliefs,
Your faith.
Set it on fire,
Like the incense you set alight,
To drive the stench out and away.
What good are your words,
Your sermons and prayers?
Meant to spread love,
Meant to unite?
To be a light in the darkness,
In these times of despair;
When all that’s happening,
When all we see,
Are the sharp claws,
Of hatred,
Of unacceptance,
Ripping us apart,
And shredding us to pieces,
All in the name of a faceless God.
Claimed by none,
Blindly worshipped by all.
How do you believe in something beyond?
When you’ve chosen to ignore,
Chosen to forget,
That there is God,
Within us all.



Poetry Shenanigans – Battle-Worn

In celebration of World Poetry Day, here’s a poem for one and for all. Happy writing & most importantly, happy muse hunting!


Rivulets of anger,
Tears of frustration and fear,
Music that just plays on,
These are the things,
Wars are built on.
Ravage, pillage,
Be a savage,
Ignore the screams,
Begging and pleading for mercy.
No survivors,
Only scars,
Only reminders,
To remind you time after time,
Of all that once was,
And all that’s now left behind. 


Poetry Shenanigans: Reflections


Agitation, Trepidation,
They colour my thoughts,
Every waking moment.
Retribution, Indignation,
Like a chant,
Mumbled and murmured
Hesitation, Frustration,
Clouding my decisions these
Validation, Resolution,
The only notes of peace,
I seek out like a hungry, weary
Revelations, Revelations,
The future beholds,
Chants and whispers,
Muttered among the wise and
the old.
Salvation to all these violations,
The future beholds.
Be your own solution,
Seek your redemption,
Within your own reflection.
Deflect all insinuations,
All misguided misinterpretations,
Towards your situation,
Because the best solution,
Lies within your Intuition.



Hey everyone!

So it’s time to get this creativity fest going, and what better day to do it, than on a wonderful Morose Monday right? Well here’s a new poem up on TFaktoree, hope y’all enjoy it. Let me know what you think, good, bad, ugly, it doesn’t matter; Opinions on the other hand do matter :).

Have an amazing week everyone!


Once upon a time.
There was a heart so hollow;
A heart that once thrived
and danced,
To the beats of many a dream,
It lived to follow.
Until life, and it’s tribulations,
Treated her and her dreams,
As mere distractions,
Mere interruptions.
Trampling on terms and conditions,
Her dreams once set out for herself,
Noble intentions,
That once innocent and thriving heart,
Believed herself to live for and up to,
Were merely crushed and tossed
Like mere inconveniences,
The world she lived in,
Deemed them to be.
Beat by beat,
She watched the lights dim,
Dream by dream,
She saw them fall apart,
Day by day,
She learned the true meaning
of heartbreak.
Year by year,
She bid adieu,
To the pieces of naivety and
That shattered and crumbled away,
Leaving voids too deep to fill,
And scars far too many,
To heal or fade away.
Until one day…
She heard a sound,
A blessed sound,
That matched the rhythm of the
She once lived and thrived for.
A melody she once danced to.
Being battle weary,
Having been hurt one too many times,
Every time she put aside her armor,
She paused…
Reluctant, almost hesitant,
To undergo yet another
To lose yet more,
Of the little untainted essence
of herself,
That she makes sure to keep locked
Her last reminder,
Of what it once meant…
To be alive, to be a dreamer.
She hears that all too familiar sound
Unmistaken, relentless
Like a siren’s song,
Calling out to her.
And she decides,
If today were to be the day she
She would rather die,
Holding on to a wisp of hope,
Beat furiously to the rhythms
Of hope, happiness and possibility,
That she feels pulsing and rushing
through her very being,
As opposed to being the hollow
The weight of disappointment and
Drew her out to be.

Morning Star

It most definitely has been a while since I posted something in my Short-Shots series, hopefully I can generate a few more of these this year! Here’s to the power of the written word!

Morning Star

There have only been two instances when beauty has rendered me breathless and where it felt like my heart stopped beating. And, both instances, involved her. The first time was when I saw her for the first time I saw her. My brain and heart ceased to function, and I lost my power of speech. For a suave trendsetter, that was one of the lamest things I could’ve possibly done. Let’s just say my inability to speak that day, completely destroyed my suave image, at least where she was concerned, and to be honest, I was and will always be perfectly alright with that. At least I know she got the real deal and not a façade.

The second instance I saw her, was countless years after that first meeting, at a holiday get together with friends and family. Seeing her felt as though time ceased to exist and the Universe stopped moving for that instant. Heck, I even got to experience time travel during that instant; I was able to re-live the times of my life with and without her. It was as if I was blessed with clarity and foresight in that moment. I could literally see how our choices led us exactly where we were in our lives. She looked absolutely breathtaking, and her aura lit up everything around her and made the atmosphere livelier than it was. She was surrounded by a gurgle of laughter. That was just the nature of her laughter though, the soft tinkling sound of her laughter percolated the surrounding ether and just knew how to connect with your spirit and heart and bring a smile to your face.

That soft, sweet sound was what saved my life on countless occasions and brought me through the darkest of times. I don’t think she will ever know or understand just how much of my life and survival I owe to her. All those days spent in the lonely deserts not knowing if it would be my last night, last day, sunrise or sunset, it was the sound of her laughter that kept me at bay, and, held me together. Knowing I could close my eyes and hear that sound was the balm to my war weathered soul. It was what kept me together when I spent days in the infirmary following a slight incident involving IEDs and shrapnel. The pain surely jarred my senses, the pain pills knocked my faculties around, but it was always her that I saw and thought of first and closed my eyes to. Sometimes, I would wonder if she ever thought of me…and if she did, were the thoughts of me warm memories filled with happiness and love? Or ones filled with regret, sadness and anger?

I’m pretty certain she wasn’t aware that I would make it to this grand reunion. It had been close to a decade since I saw her last…I guess 3 tours and constant transfers makes one lose track of time and distance. We did occasionally check in on each other, but over the last few years there have been significantly fewer emails and messages. Her last detailed email was to let me know about her wedding, and about the great guy she was marrying. It almost felt like she was justifying her relationship with Tom, almost asking for my permission to set her free. A part of me was devastated, I think a part of me died that day as well…but I was mostly happy knowing that Tom made her a priority, kept her happy and loved her unconditionally, and someone she could rely on. The general consensus is that he is an all round good guy and very dependable. The funny and almost ironic part was that I wound up in the infirmary after an attack the same day as her wedding. In that moment, I was stupidly happy that she was marrying someone stable and solid, and that she didn’t end up with me. Lord knows I would’ve driven her nuts with all the agony and worrying. That was the day I was extremely thankful for my rare foresight, which led both of us to our current positions in life. I was glad I broke it off with her all those years ago; Yes, I broke both our hearts in the process and ruined the best thing that ever happened to me. But I was clear, once I joined the Army, I did not want her to wait for me, I did not want her worrying about me or wondering if this tour would be my last tour. I didn’t want her to bear the scars of waiting for something that was a ‘maybe.’ She didn’t deserve that, in fact nobody does…and I didn’t leave her a choice. Sure that makes me selfish, but it was what had to be done. I couldn’t afford to shatter her future and her dreams, and throw it all away by playing the waiting game for me. People like her are meant to strive and thrive. They are the once in a lifetime kind of people who can transform the world around them. I wasn’t going to take that precious gift away from this world. Ever since she got married, we had lost touch with each other, but I’d get the customary birthday messages and holiday greetings. She even stopped asking me when I’d be home next…that’s how I knew she had finally moved on.

Didn’t I mention how seeing her made me feel like a time-traveler? Standing in that doorway, sipping my drink with a clear view of her and her radiant smile lighting up everything around her, I wondered if that moment could get any more perfect…and that’s when it happened. That’s when I was re-taught the meaning of perfection. Something caught her attention, because the smile dropped off her face and her eyes switched from warmth to concern in the fraction of a second…and then switched back to something more than warmth. It was a mix of pure love, affection and joy. That was an expression I had never seen before in her eyes, and I craned my head to see the source of the expression, and I almost choked on my drink. Just the mere sight of the vision before me had my heart and soul exploding with an inexplicable feeling of joy and love. There in her arms was a miniature version of her, the beautiful curls, a face that would win anybody over, eyes that would never lie to you and had yet to explore and discover the rest of the world, and a smile that would pierce the toughest of hearts. Funny nobody thought to mention she had a baby almost 3-4 years ago, or they must have mentioned it but I was too caught up in my world.

My world stopped moving altogether, because, that’s when she looked up and saw me standing by that doorway. Our eyes locked on to each other, and watching the transition in her eyes was apparently the moment I was living for. It went from curiosity to recognition to surprise to love and joy in a split second. We hadn’t even realized it, but we had gravitated towards each other, and she gave me that trademark smile of hers. She pulled me into a one armed hug, her eyes running over my face and form, ensuring I was real and not a figment of her imagination. After so many years, we both had trouble starting this conversation with anything besides awkward ‘hellos,’ ‘wows,’ and, ‘how are yous.’ The mini princess was the one that set the ball rolling when she looked at my lapel pin and started tugging away at it. I guess kids still love flashy things, besides the latest gadgets. Her mother started introducing me to her, and within a few moments Tom had arrived at the scene as well, and there we were getting reacquainted with each other and our extended families.

But, like everything else in life, the moment had to come to an end, and it did, with such aplomb, when my phone went off in the middle of the celebrations. I checked to see if it was a call I could ignore, but it was from one of my unit members, which I couldn’t avoid. I excused myself, headed back to my previous position and was informed that our entire unit was expected to report to base the next morning. Well, that could only mean one thing…we were being deployed yet again. I hung up and heaved a sigh…whether it was relief or just expecting the obvious, I will never know. I raised my glass with a smile as if toasting the evening to my civilian self and downed it in one large gulp. I rubbed my face, and looked up to see her looking at me with concern, her face framed into a question. A question that was asking me if I had to leave already? I answered with a smile, and, a shrug. This was something I expected from the life I chose, though sometimes I wish it would give me a little more time with people that mattered most. I walked towards her, and as I got closer I noticed the unshed tears in her eyes, and felt a familiar ache and crack in my heart. That expression was the one I had fought to keep off her face all those years ago…but I guess some things are beyond our control. Finally I was standing in front of her, looking at the only thing that was home for me, her wonderstruck eyes. I think the expression on my face confirmed her suspicions, because she had a resigned look. I took her face in my hands, and gave her my trademark cocky smirk telling her everything would be okay and I would obviously return, sincerely hoping heart of hearts that she would believe and accept my words. It’s hard to explain, but this time around when I got the call, there was this weird feeling, almost a sense of finality. I told her I had to go, and in that moment I remembered something that I once wanted her to have. At that time, I had every intention of spending the rest of my life with her, but circumstances and people change with time and things did not go that way. I quickly slipped off the ring she had once fancied, and slipped it into the palm of her right hand. She gave me a puzzled look and my only response was to hold her face once more, plant a kiss on her forehead and tell her how her happiness was all that ever mattered to me and that I was taking a slice of it with me tonight to tide me over until I returned. I saw Tom a few feet away, walked up to him, and told him I had to leave. Before leaving, I gave him a hug and thanked him for being such a stellar and amazing guy, for looking after her the way he did, and left with a promise of spending more time with them the next time I was in town.

As I walked towards my car, I turned around to memorize this house, this haven of happiness and sear it to my memory, so I could take it with me wherever I went. This could be the last time I saw this place, and most importantly her face. The memories of the evening and the time spent with her flashed through my mind, and were added to my lifetime collection. With that, I turned around and left with the memories of my Morning Star forever seared in my heart and soul, off to face the unknown.

Rest Assured

Happy New Year one and all!!! I hope you all had a spectacular time ringing in 2016 and bidding 2015 a fond farewell or just farewell (doesn’t necessarily have to be fond lol.) I wish you all only the very best 2016 has to bring to your lives, much love, happiness, success, prosperity, inspiration and motivation to chase down your aspirations with grit and steadfast determination. I hope you creative geniuses keep churning out your magick, ‘cuz there’s some of us (such as yours truly) who can’t wait to be dazzled by your creations. Well enough with my 2016 intro schnazz & let’s get on with the show shall we? Here’s the first poem of 2016, feel free to leave yer thots & sentiments at the end!

Rest Assured

How time flew,
None of us knew,
There you were,
In your usual casual stance.
Every now and then,
Looking about,
Sparing, casting a glance
To the world around you.
Hoping, by chance,
That the look in your eye,
Is seen by none.
The pain,
The flicker of curiosity
The twinkle of mischief
The warmth of love and happiness,
Missed, hidden,
Swept away,
With the mere blink of an eye.
Buried, wrapped beneath
countless layers.
Seen by none,
Felt by none but one.
You and just you alone.
Submerged, engulfed,
Swallowed whole,
By the weight of your world,
And, the avalanche of your thoughts.
But here in this time and place,
Free yourself of your burdens,
Lose yourself in the world,
You restrain yourself from,
For fear of repercussions.
Release yourself from the chains
of aftermaths.
Let go of your shackles.
Unveil that beautiful soul,
You keep hidden,
Out of fear of betrayal,
Unmask that beautiful face,
The one that enthralls the world,
The one filled with such innocence
and purity,
That the scars of reality and betrayal,
Seems to have replaced,
To face each day anew.
Unleash that radiant smile,
The one you keep locked up,
The one you share sparingly and bashfully,
With the very few you hold close
and dear,
Like your own little treasure trove.
Like a dazzling ray of hope,
In this desert of despair and desperation,
Where everyone looks haunted,
By ghosts,
That never seem to back down,
But only grow.
Share that heart that beats within you,
The one that houses all the love, care and kindness,
Yet to be seen, to be experienced
With those of us around you.
It’s understandable,
A heart broken one too many times,
Doesn’t like taking more chances,
Than those taken, only to be broken.
Free yourself,
From the prison of your thoughts,
From the pungent bitterness of your
Cast that glance of yours,
To my outstretched hand,
Waiting to grab and hold on to yours.
Let go…it’s in your eyes,
Feel it in your soul,
With every loud racing beat of your heart,
Free the curious child within you,
Take a chance,
Dance a new dance,
Fearless yet uncertain,
Dance to a new beat,
And rest assured,
I’ll hold your hand through it all,
And never let go.

The Victor’s Trail

Hey folks!

I hope life is treating you well & hope you’re all doing great. The last few months and weeks have been crazy hectic & crazy fantastical as well and I was fortunate enough to meet some pretty awesome folks in that time span. Moving along, I conjured this lil’ piece up a few days back, and I hope y’all enjoy it. This is for all you awesome people out there who are working your tails off to reach your goals and dreams, and I hope you get there without losing all your faith and hope! Dragons, this one is fer you!

The Victor’s Trail

The words in your head,
A constant murmur,
A constant mantra,
A constant…
Echoing ‘Failure is not an option.’
Looking at the trail,
You left behind,
Filled with failure and
broken remains,
And reminders of,
Everyone and Everything,
Intent and content,
With breaking your spirit
Reminding you,
Of your shortcomings
At every turn, and every
Yet, you fought them,
You stood tall and firm,
Resilient and steadfast,
You held on, you fought back,
With every ounce of strength,
Despite being at your wit’s end.
You rose,
Only to metamorphose,
Into who you are today.
You look ahead,
At the path before you,
With the same trepidation,
And hesitation you held yesterday.
The fear, the taunts,
The scars, ghosts and ghouls
Of days past,
Swarm around you,
In anticipation,
Of the day you finally throw
in the towel,
And get lured away to the
abyss of failure.
Take a moment,
Take a breath,
Remember them all,
Remember them well.
For the next time you open your
Make sure to look at the path ahead,
And embrace all the unfriendly reminders,
Because they are a part of you,
And more importantly,
They are the bookmarks
of your success.
When you look ahead,
Remember how far you’ve
And how much closer
The dreams,
That were once laughed at,
Ridiculed, questioned and dismissed,
As mere foolish dreams,
Are not too far away from your grasp.
Stoke those dying embers of
Because my friend,
The victor’s trail
Is not a bed of roses,
Nor a fairy tale…
But one filled with much struggle,
Heartbreak and despair,
And many a scar to remind you
Of who you are,
During the darkest of days,
And the loneliest of hours,
When you forget yourself.
The victor’s trail,
Is not about the destination,
But about the journey.
So with strength anew,
And faith and hope renewed,
Stride towards your dreams,
Without fear, without doubt
For one day,
Some day soon,
That moment you have been waiting for,
Will be yours.