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Hey everyone!

So it’s time to get this creativity fest going, and what better day to do it, than on a wonderful Morose Monday right? Well here’s a new poem up on TFaktoree, hope y’all enjoy it. Let me know what you think, good, bad, ugly, it doesn’t matter; Opinions on the other hand do matter :).

Have an amazing week everyone!


Once upon a time.
There was a heart so hollow;
A heart that once thrived
and danced,
To the beats of many a dream,
It lived to follow.
Until life, and it’s tribulations,
Treated her and her dreams,
As mere distractions,
Mere interruptions.
Trampling on terms and conditions,
Her dreams once set out for herself,
Noble intentions,
That once innocent and thriving heart,
Believed herself to live for and up to,
Were merely crushed and tossed
Like mere inconveniences,
The world she lived in,
Deemed them to be.
Beat by beat,
She watched the lights dim,
Dream by dream,
She saw them fall apart,
Day by day,
She learned the true meaning
of heartbreak.
Year by year,
She bid adieu,
To the pieces of naivety and
That shattered and crumbled away,
Leaving voids too deep to fill,
And scars far too many,
To heal or fade away.
Until one day…
She heard a sound,
A blessed sound,
That matched the rhythm of the
She once lived and thrived for.
A melody she once danced to.
Being battle weary,
Having been hurt one too many times,
Every time she put aside her armor,
She paused…
Reluctant, almost hesitant,
To undergo yet another
To lose yet more,
Of the little untainted essence
of herself,
That she makes sure to keep locked
Her last reminder,
Of what it once meant…
To be alive, to be a dreamer.
She hears that all too familiar sound
Unmistaken, relentless
Like a siren’s song,
Calling out to her.
And she decides,
If today were to be the day she
She would rather die,
Holding on to a wisp of hope,
Beat furiously to the rhythms
Of hope, happiness and possibility,
That she feels pulsing and rushing
through her very being,
As opposed to being the hollow
The weight of disappointment and
Drew her out to be.