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Poetry Shenanigans – Yellowed Pages

Fun things happen when you decide it’s time to declutter your room & your life. I stumbled upon a lot of interesting stuff & I have a confession to make. I’m a sentimental hoarder, and it is bloody hard to part with some stuff man! Some of this stuff truly is the equivalent of a time capsule. I kid you not, I can see myself transported back in time to that moment or instance I sat down and wrote whatever it is that I wrote. I wouldn’t call it regrets, but I do wish I’d figured some people & things out sooner. Anyhow, through the course of going through stuff this poem was inspired. I hope you all enjoy it, and like always, feel free to share your thots in the comments section down below!

Yellowed Pages

Through Archenemies,
Half-truths and whole lies,
I survived.
Through fearful phases,
And memory hazes,
I’m alive and all revived.
Through gossip columns,
Strewn across many page corners,
And blank spaces,
On word crammed pages,
Back in time,
To safer and happier places.
A smile restored,
Wistful and wise,
All to aware, 
Of the battles and journeys,
Waiting up ahead
To remedy and redefine,
The purpose of this life.



Poetry Shenanigans – Wrap & Roll … Lock & Load

Wrap & Roll … Lock & Load

Be a wraith,
Embrace the hate,
Be a ghost,
Barely there,
Yet ever-present,
They’re the ones who lost their faith.
Stand tall,
After every fall,
The harder you go down,
The harder you fight your way back to the top.
This is your life,
Your match,
Your march,
Your parade.
You’re the victor,
Your scars,
Are mere tales engraved.
They’re a sign,
Of the residual fire that remains.
That burns brighter,
Every single day,
Relentless and unforgiving,
A blaze,
That razes all the doubts and haters,
Who make the mistake of getting in your way.
Here comes the next blow,
Roll with the punches,
Take a hit, two or many more.
Take a hit till they can’t hit anymore.
Test your mettle, flex your steel.
Take it all in,
Until the day you make your stand.
Plant those feet, dig them in.
One, two, three,
Here we go.
Block, jab, cross your way,
And when you see your moment,
Don’t hold back,
Take them down,
It’s time for a TKO.


Poetry Shenanigans – Battle-Worn

In celebration of World Poetry Day, here’s a poem for one and for all. Happy writing & most importantly, happy muse hunting!


Rivulets of anger,
Tears of frustration and fear,
Music that just plays on,
These are the things,
Wars are built on.
Ravage, pillage,
Be a savage,
Ignore the screams,
Begging and pleading for mercy.
No survivors,
Only scars,
Only reminders,
To remind you time after time,
Of all that once was,
And all that’s now left behind. 


Poetry Shenanigans – Home

Sometimes, we all need a reminder of the things that anchor & ground us. Here’s to celebrating that which let’s us find a piece of ourselves, when we’re all but lost, all that inspires us when we set out on our quests & journeys of discovery.


It’s funny,
As time passes you by,
Regardless of where it is
you go,
Where your heart takes you,
And the paths that you follow,
One thing is for sure,
There will never be,
A place like home.


Quirky Quartets: Marching On

Let’s kick start Wonderful Wednesday with a Quirky Quartet!

Marching On

Her right, my right
His right, my right,
Finally we’re banded and bonded together,
In this fight for what’s right.


Poetry Shenanigans: Dance Away


Dance Away

You and I have this dance down,
Down to it’s last step,
Last twirl, last bow, last curtsy.
The same old beat, the same old tune.
When did we start being stuck in our ways?
When did we stop looking?
Hell, making our own routine?
Since when did we start doubting,
Our primal instincts?
The ones that drew you and me together,
In this time and space?
How did the walls that once ceased to
exist for us?
Seem to be closing in on us?
How did the love and passion that
once defined us,
Turn into indifference, negligence and
When did the fire in our eyes?
Dim down, flicker and die out?
They’re playing our song now…
But I see you walk sluggishly over,
Shoulders hunched, fists clenched,
Teeth grit, jaw tight…mechanical,
As though you’re walking to your own
Take a peek, take a glance,
And while your eyes dance askance,
Take my hand, take a chance,
For walking away and bowing out
is far easier,
Than fixing our flaws,
And waltzing past those wounds and
memories that claw.


Poetry Shenanigans: Let It Go

And HERE WE GO! That’s a wrap folks. So what have I been up to? With all these poems hitting the blog in rapid succession? Well I was a few poems short of hitting a 100 this year, and this is the first time (well at least it feels like it’s the first time) that I’ve written a 100 poems in a year. This is my last one to hit that century mark, hopefully next year I can keep up with the writing. A lot has happened over the course of the year, but hey what’s life without a few adventures right? Have yourselves an amazing time seeing 2016 off and here’s wishing everyone a very very Happy & prosperous New Year!

Let It Go

They say forget and forgive,
Live and let live,
That all is fair in love and war.
How easy it is to come to
such foolish conclusions,
When the price paid,
Is not anyone else’s concern,
But yours?
They say,
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you
How easy and complacent,
For spectators a plenty,
To say something so disarming,
When they don’t see,
Just how much of yourself,
Has fallen apart, died and rotted
That you might as well have been
They don’t see the hollowness,
The vacuum, the void,
That’s taken residence deep within.
They tell you to pick yourself up,
And to keep trying until you succeed.
Have they seen your battle scars?
Have they seen all the added bits and
That you’ve accumulated,
Over the years, just to stay standing?
The world is a cruel place,
They say,
Stay strong,
They say.
Funny the world is filled with the same
Who watch you fall apart,
With as much enthusiasm and gusto,
As they do,
When they tell you how to put yourself
back together.
They say,
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never harm me.’
They’ve forgotten,
Just how much they love being
Because they also like to say,
Words spoken out of anger can never
be taken back.
Aren’t we a beautiful bunch of
Who like the sound of words,
Especially the sound of our voices,
Chanting words and phrases,
Without ever really meaning a word
of it?
They say, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’
So what are you going to do about it?
The next time you find yourself cornered?
The next time you’re left nursing a
broken heart?
Are you going to let the empty comfort,
Of hollow words and indifferent sentiments,
Confound you and detach you even
Or are you going to be the sense
of clarity,
And light of ingenuity,
In this disillusioned world?


Poetry Shenanigans: Mercy


Do you know what it feels like,
On the inside?
When there’s nothing left?
But just a gaping hollow space?
That already existed,
And had a designated space;
Only to be filled up,
With that thing called hope,
Only to be yanked out, ripped out,
Like a band-aid,
Like a recurring nightmare,
With no beginning and no end,
Just a continuum,
That you once learned to overcome.
Do you know what it’s like?
To have dreams put in your head,
That you once thought,
Were out of your reach,
And not in your stead?
Do you know what it is like?
To have a part of you,
A part, buried deep inside,
Brought back to life?
Only to have it slaughtered and
And regretting the day you decided,
It should see the light?
I guess you never will,
I guess you never can,
When it was so easy to give up
and let go,
While all you had to do,
Was stay and hold a hand,
And try and understand.




The words drowned,
As quickly as they rose,
To the shore.
Reflexively, reflectively,
Leaving behind a gaping
In my very core.
Not a clue, not a trace,
Of how much time has
And how time has passed,
In such haste,
That there I lay,
Wasted, basted, lambasted,
Left with minimal grace,
With an unrecognizable
Gone are the traces,
Of familiar smiles,
And doe-eyed, dreamy eyes.
In their place,
Remain orbs,
Dull, glassy, lifeless,
Lost trying to find a place,
Given up on the hope,
That lit their gaze.
Dreamchaser, Dreamcatcher,
They just remain mere
Traces of who I once used to
The one they called the naïve
Too bullheaded to think that
Dreams could be reality,
They all snickered,
As they saw the naïve idiot,
Being broken down over time,
Broken by the bitter lashes,
Life’s executors took pleasure
in whipping away.
They all cheered,
When the final remnants,
The glint and glimmer,
Of the idiot dreamer’s,
Hopes and aspirations,
Were burnt,
By a bitter flame.
When all I was reduced
Was just another face,
In the weary faced crowd.
And just when they thought,
They’d broken every piece
of the dreamer down,
A part deep within,
Flickers to life.



Hey all,

Yes I’m back again…dun-dun-dun…And I’m so deliriously happy right now…well at least as far as Creativity in the world goes….

So DCU totally OWNED SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this year!!!!!! And after watching the teasers and trailers (Justice League and Wonder Woman respectively) I couldn’t stop the creative flow. I’m so damn excited to see a legendary, ass kicking action heroine invading and owning cinema screens in 2017!!!!

This poem is for all you amazing girls/women out there! Chase after your purpose and your dreams, and if you know other girls/women unable to do so, chase those dreams down even harder. You’ll be the beacon/guiding light they were always looking for but never could see.


Don’t listen to the world,
Don’t listen to the world,
Be your own, be your own
Super Super-girl.
The world is not as it seems,
It will laugh at all your dreams,
Hold on, be strong,
Pull yourself together,
Get your act together,
Go ahead now,
One foot in front of the other,
Be your own, be your own
Super Super-girl.
They will try to bring you down,
Take you apart,
Round after round,
Constantly harp about your flaws,
Leave you with everlasting scars,
They will try to scare you off
your envisioned path,
Call you foolish and gullible,
A naïve idiot setting themselves
up for imminent failure.
They will do all they can,
To get you to toe the line for as
long as they can.
They will mock you, ridicule you,
Hurl words your way,
To strike away at that tender heart
that lives within,
Call you selfish and an egotistical
But be firm, be resolute,
Do not bend, do not break,
Free yourself from all their envy
And all their hate.
Be your own, be your own
Super Super-Girl.
Obliterate the hate,
Know it’s never too late,
Go on then,
Decide and rule your own fate.