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Poetry Shenanigans – Monochromatic Lies while Technicolor Tries

Monochromatic Lies while Technicolor Tries

Train tracks,
Paper stacks,
Life keeps piling up.
Overworked, Underappreciated,
Nothing seems enough.
They build you up,
And raze you to the ground.
Never enough kind words,
To make a day, to help find a way.
Not enough silence,
To hear yourself scream and shout,
At the injustice of it all.
The voices and noises,
Of all those around,
Drowning out,
The most important voice and sound
of them all.
The one that lies within.
In all this confusion, 
In this ever growing haze,
In this deafening din,
Filled with chants in the guise of advice,
Telling you how to live your life,
You’ve lost all evidence,
Every single trace,
And have become yet another countless face,
That’s lost the way.
Forgotten the promises, 
You made to yourself along the way,
Of never compromising, 
Never relinquishing control.
All you remember,
Are the harsh words, the scoffing,
All the days and ways 
Your dreams were scoffed at,
And mercilessly squashed,
Your morale crushed beyond recognition,
You relented…you don’t know how or when,
But, you let them naysayers win.
And now every day is just another mundane one,
A scheduled day of activity and events,
A routine, a cycle,
With no room for spontaneity,
No spark of ingenuity or creativity fueled within.
All is not lost though,
You still feel it within,
You hear it calling, deep within.
Faint as it might be, it’s no hallucination.
Don’t lose your grip,
To your individuality.
In this world of bots and followers,
Don’t forget you can break free.
Let the haters and beraters unleash,
The bitterness that lies within.
You were built to withstand them all,
You were made to be better.
Hold on to that voice deep within,
That you hear ever so faintly, 
Ever so often,
Because you have a mark to make,
A few lives to change, 
And a legacy to leave behind,
For some to envy
And for others to follow.



Poetry Shenanigans – Journey


Journeys begin with the smallest of steps,
Infinite, countless tiny steps.
Lives are spent chasing down dreams.
Most settle with the barest of dreams,
On their wishlist.
They believe they’ve reached their destinations.
Shortchanged? Premature? Tunnel vision? Lost?
Guess we’ll never know.
Just because you reach a destination,
Doesn’t mean the journey is complete.
Then there are the wanderers,
Blending with time and space,
Uprooted, displaced,
Thrown off the path,
They set out to carve and mark their place,
Only left turning in circles,
Eyes wide open taking in the sights,
No longer certain if they’ve fallen or risen,
Questioning their purpose, their very existence.
Feeling like the Universe’s exclusive jester,
Entertaining the whims and fancies,
Of a world blinded and deafened,
By the misery that’s torn it asunder.
Where hope is a rare sight, but a cherished one.
And so the wanderer wanders,
Where all the sights and sounds,
That once was home,
Is nothing but a fading mirage,
Slowly and steadily pulling the welcome mat,
Out from under the wanderer’s feet.
How do you find your way?
When the only way you’ve travelled, turns foreign?
Wanderers make the best storytellers.
It’s not their wisdom,
But the strife they hide behind twinkling smiles,
And in long strides, and supposed blasé attitudes,
That makes the tales of their journeys,
Timeless and worth the while.
They belong nowhere and to none,
Yet the world belongs to them.


Poetry Shenanigans – Battle-Worn

In celebration of World Poetry Day, here’s a poem for one and for all. Happy writing & most importantly, happy muse hunting!


Rivulets of anger,
Tears of frustration and fear,
Music that just plays on,
These are the things,
Wars are built on.
Ravage, pillage,
Be a savage,
Ignore the screams,
Begging and pleading for mercy.
No survivors,
Only scars,
Only reminders,
To remind you time after time,
Of all that once was,
And all that’s now left behind. 


Quirky Quartets: Marching On

Let’s kick start Wonderful Wednesday with a Quirky Quartet!

Marching On

Her right, my right
His right, my right,
Finally we’re banded and bonded together,
In this fight for what’s right.


Poetry Shenanigans: Hope

For a Fantastic Friday, here’s a Quirky Quartet Quip. To friends living down South, all the best today, stay strong & most importantly, stay united. Love always finds a way and is the greatest strength that binds us all.


When legacies end and tyrannies begin,
Take a moment, take a deep breath in,
And know, that this too shall pass,
And that hope shines brightest in darkest of days.


Poetry Shenanigans: Dance Away


Dance Away

You and I have this dance down,
Down to it’s last step,
Last twirl, last bow, last curtsy.
The same old beat, the same old tune.
When did we start being stuck in our ways?
When did we stop looking?
Hell, making our own routine?
Since when did we start doubting,
Our primal instincts?
The ones that drew you and me together,
In this time and space?
How did the walls that once ceased to
exist for us?
Seem to be closing in on us?
How did the love and passion that
once defined us,
Turn into indifference, negligence and
When did the fire in our eyes?
Dim down, flicker and die out?
They’re playing our song now…
But I see you walk sluggishly over,
Shoulders hunched, fists clenched,
Teeth grit, jaw tight…mechanical,
As though you’re walking to your own
Take a peek, take a glance,
And while your eyes dance askance,
Take my hand, take a chance,
For walking away and bowing out
is far easier,
Than fixing our flaws,
And waltzing past those wounds and
memories that claw.


Poetry Shenanigans: Left Behind

Happy Friday one and all. I’ve been trying to flex those writing muscles, and so far this is all I’ve come up with. There’s a bunch of stuff on it’s way, but you know how life has a way of just interrupting all the things you schedule? Hopefully, soon enough things will fall into place, have a great weekend!

Left Behind

This story has been told,
Over and over a hundred fold,
When the world you once held,
With the highest of regards,
Folds and crumbles,
And you take the first of many
All those who once stood by your
Turn into mere ghosts,
That scatter,
Run helter-skelter, run asunder…
When you’re unraveling,
And freefalling,
Down that deep, dark rabbit
Surrounded only by whimpers
and sighs,
Falling freely, and tumbling
From your lips,
That once poured out words,
Words of hope, words of delight,
In the wonder you seemed to be
surrounded by.
But now all it seems to know,
Are whimpers, mewls and moans,
Sighs and groans,
Lamenting, calling out, lashing out,
At all those moments that led
you here,
Muttering and screaming curses,
At forces unknown and foes known,
Until one day,
Your lips are too dry,
Your throat too parched,
To call out, to reach out,
To those that seem to pass you by.
You begin to think they’re mere
Tricks of your mind,
Casting shadows and illusions.
You keep telling yourself you matter,
You mattered enough,
For someone to note your absence,
To note the emptiness,
That seems to take up the space,
You once used to occupy.
You hold on to that faith,
Until the day you’re done screaming,
Until you realize nobody is coming,
Nobody is looking…
And just like that,
You’re nothing but a mere memory,
And you’re left behind.
Now all you know,
All there is,
In this strange and unknown space,
Is you and your will.
Will they fight? Or unite?
One leads to utter and complete
The other leads to another chance,
An opportunity,
To stand your ground,
To prove you’re all that you ever
And all that you never thought,
You could be.
So will you climb, tear and forge
your way ahead?
Or let the shadows swallow you whole?


Poetry Shenanigans: Frostbite

Hellloooo 2017!

Hope everyone had a phenomenal time ringing in the New Year and saying goodbye to the year we leave behind. Here’s to new beginnings and new creative wonders! Live life to the fullest and find the things that keep you sane and keep you going all day long!

Here’s the 1st poem of 2017!


The weight of the world,
Crushing my chest,
Searching, seeking…
For a way out,
An escape route, a path.
Where is the respite? The relief?
All I feel are the jagged ends
of rocks and rubble,
Strewn across my path.
Heaving, having trouble
I doubt I’m going to last,
For yet another second,
Another minute.
In this monotonous world,
Where conformity is the norm.
Where chasing a dream,
Is the anomaly in this reality.
Creaking, shrieking…
Anytime now, my ribs will
cave in.
The cold is seeping in now.
The chill settling deep within
my bones.
Emanating a sense of familiarity,
A comfort I’ve come to terms
With the respite from the cold,
Maybe…just maybe,
I might make it through another day,
Planning, figuring, carving my way,
To better, weightless days.


Poetry Shenanigans: Let It Go

And HERE WE GO! That’s a wrap folks. So what have I been up to? With all these poems hitting the blog in rapid succession? Well I was a few poems short of hitting a 100 this year, and this is the first time (well at least it feels like it’s the first time) that I’ve written a 100 poems in a year. This is my last one to hit that century mark, hopefully next year I can keep up with the writing. A lot has happened over the course of the year, but hey what’s life without a few adventures right? Have yourselves an amazing time seeing 2016 off and here’s wishing everyone a very very Happy & prosperous New Year!

Let It Go

They say forget and forgive,
Live and let live,
That all is fair in love and war.
How easy it is to come to
such foolish conclusions,
When the price paid,
Is not anyone else’s concern,
But yours?
They say,
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you
How easy and complacent,
For spectators a plenty,
To say something so disarming,
When they don’t see,
Just how much of yourself,
Has fallen apart, died and rotted
That you might as well have been
They don’t see the hollowness,
The vacuum, the void,
That’s taken residence deep within.
They tell you to pick yourself up,
And to keep trying until you succeed.
Have they seen your battle scars?
Have they seen all the added bits and
That you’ve accumulated,
Over the years, just to stay standing?
The world is a cruel place,
They say,
Stay strong,
They say.
Funny the world is filled with the same
Who watch you fall apart,
With as much enthusiasm and gusto,
As they do,
When they tell you how to put yourself
back together.
They say,
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never harm me.’
They’ve forgotten,
Just how much they love being
Because they also like to say,
Words spoken out of anger can never
be taken back.
Aren’t we a beautiful bunch of
Who like the sound of words,
Especially the sound of our voices,
Chanting words and phrases,
Without ever really meaning a word
of it?
They say, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’
So what are you going to do about it?
The next time you find yourself cornered?
The next time you’re left nursing a
broken heart?
Are you going to let the empty comfort,
Of hollow words and indifferent sentiments,
Confound you and detach you even
Or are you going to be the sense
of clarity,
And light of ingenuity,
In this disillusioned world?