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Helter Skelter

Apparently it doesn’t take much to get the riled up brain to get even more riled up a.k.a inspiration in some parts of the world I reckon. Not sure what this piece turned out to be, probably just a dissonant discombobulated lump of words slapped around here and there lol. Have a good weekend people!

Helter Skelter

When crashing seemed inevitable,

When burning with the rubble seemed
Far from implausible.
When the finality of your words
and actions,
Led to separating us
Into me and you.
When all the dreams,
We once dreamed and shared,
Disintegrated and fragmented,
Before our very own eyes.
With no preamble,
No warnings…
Sending the world we once knew,
The one, we once built carefully,
Into a tailspin of uncertainty,
Laced with bitterness, regrets
and loneliness,
Pulling us apart farther.
Under the guise of needing space,
We drift farther apart.
Taking the world poles apart,
Stretching out the aching distance,
Yawning between us,
Until we reach the ends of oblivion.
Swallowed whole,
By the harsh and treacherous winds,
Hurtling towards us.
Gone are the sparks of life,
Of mischief and adventure,
That once filled the depths of our eyes.
Here we drift and blow,
Like tumbleweed
Windswept, strewn asunder,
Purposeless, lifeless and
eternally aimless.