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Poetry Shenanigans – Illumination


There is a general sense of apprehension,
Everyone feigning comprehension.
Can’t you feel it?
The air, thick with tension?
When will we ever learn our lesson?
Ever so eager,
To create that stellar first impression.
We’ve mastered the art of suppression,
Pawns turned masters of oppression.
How can we talk about liberation?
When we live in constant denial,
Of our own voluntary subjugation?
And constant dissociation,
Between mind, body and spirit?



Poetry Shenanigans – Preacher, Say A Prayer

Things have been a bit topsy turvy around the world these days. Some headlines have blown my mind, because they’ve been just that mind boggling & some headlines have restored a diminishing faith in humanity. All the stupid, ignorant fools in the world have been using our differences, be it physical, genetic, emotional, mental, sexual, religious…and the list goes on, in the worst ways possible. Why does it matter if we’re different? It’s what makes us unique & it is also what brings us together. Just think about it, if we all thought the same way, then life as we know it would be boring & bland, we wouldn’t be scurrying about trying to discover & create things that make our lives better, that enriches our souls & makes us better people & that just makes us as a species better.

Anyway, I’m done with my lil’ schpiel here. All I have to say is we’re stronger together, so stay strong & stay united.

Preacher, Say A Prayer

Preachers, prayer men,
Stack your prayers,
Your principles,
Your beliefs,
Your faith.
Set it on fire,
Like the incense you set alight,
To drive the stench out and away.
What good are your words,
Your sermons and prayers?
Meant to spread love,
Meant to unite?
To be a light in the darkness,
In these times of despair;
When all that’s happening,
When all we see,
Are the sharp claws,
Of hatred,
Of unacceptance,
Ripping us apart,
And shredding us to pieces,
All in the name of a faceless God.
Claimed by none,
Blindly worshipped by all.
How do you believe in something beyond?
When you’ve chosen to ignore,
Chosen to forget,
That there is God,
Within us all.


Poetry Shenanigans – Of Devils & Dues

Of Devils & Dues

I thought if I spoke the devil’s name,
And cut my losses,
I could set myself free.
The devil I thought I freed myself from,
Is ever omnipresent,
Smirking, leering at me,
Whilst celebrating life and free will,
While, I keep running,
Sprinting from dreams,
Ever haunting,
And a broken reality,
That never fails to remind me,
Of my shortcomings, my weaknesses,
Of all that’s broken within,
Eternally hunting those chinks in my armour,
To forever incapacitate,
The fighter, the warrior,
That breathes within,
The dreamer, the optimist,
That never ceases to find the light within.
One day the devil will get his due,
And while he pays his dues,
I finally get to live,
A life of exuberance, innocence and freedom,
Once stolen from me. 


Poetry Shenanigans – Measuring Up

Measuring Up

There was no script,
Preordered, prewritten,
No scene preordained
Tossed, hurled,
Twirled and hurtled,
Towards the chaotic serenity,
Called life.
They said dream,
Like nobody has ever dreamt,
Run from pillar to post,
Spend your youth,
Within the four walls,
Of temples of knowledge,
Among like minded blank
Like yourself.
They said study harder,
Apply yourself harder,
The books will save you,
The words phrasing equations,
Framing laws of gravity,
Dabbling in grammar and syntax,
Whilst churning out literature and
Then, as you get older,
Your dreams are invalid and
You’re told to give up chasing
Other worldly visions,
That you once called dreams,
Goals and passions you once coveted.
Told to trade in your foolish ideals,
For the lessons of harsh reality,
Where you’re told,
All the lessons you were once taught,
In your foolish youth,
About kindness and compassion,
Love, peace and intolerance,
Were nothing more than,
Fables, tales, mere fiction.
How else can you justify,
All the hatred? All the destruction?
How can you be the same tongue?
That talks sweet nothings about love
and peace?
And be the tongue that lashes out at
For all my differences?
For all that you dictate with terms and
How dare you tell me to live to dream,
And savour freedom,
Only to mock me,
For my ‘naivety,’
Of daring to dream.
How can you root for hope and light,
In a world so unsteady,
Trembling and unstable,
By forces of hate, anger and envy?
How can you ask for better?
When you’d rather only focus,
On what you colour as weakness,
And label as the worst?
How can you hope for a bright future?
For all the children, for tomorrow’s future?
When all you’ve done,
Is quash, squash and destroy,
All forms of inquiry, curiosity,
and discovery,
To the minds and souls that matter most?


Poetry Shenanigans: Mercy


Do you know what it feels like,
On the inside?
When there’s nothing left?
But just a gaping hollow space?
That already existed,
And had a designated space;
Only to be filled up,
With that thing called hope,
Only to be yanked out, ripped out,
Like a band-aid,
Like a recurring nightmare,
With no beginning and no end,
Just a continuum,
That you once learned to overcome.
Do you know what it’s like?
To have dreams put in your head,
That you once thought,
Were out of your reach,
And not in your stead?
Do you know what it is like?
To have a part of you,
A part, buried deep inside,
Brought back to life?
Only to have it slaughtered and
And regretting the day you decided,
It should see the light?
I guess you never will,
I guess you never can,
When it was so easy to give up
and let go,
While all you had to do,
Was stay and hold a hand,
And try and understand.


Poetry Shenanigans: Reflections


Agitation, Trepidation,
They colour my thoughts,
Every waking moment.
Retribution, Indignation,
Like a chant,
Mumbled and murmured
Hesitation, Frustration,
Clouding my decisions these
Validation, Resolution,
The only notes of peace,
I seek out like a hungry, weary
Revelations, Revelations,
The future beholds,
Chants and whispers,
Muttered among the wise and
the old.
Salvation to all these violations,
The future beholds.
Be your own solution,
Seek your redemption,
Within your own reflection.
Deflect all insinuations,
All misguided misinterpretations,
Towards your situation,
Because the best solution,
Lies within your Intuition.


You & I

It’s time for more poetry. Despite the foggy & clogged head space, thanks to a whole lot of congestion, ya’ll are being subjected to more verbal carnage. Yayyy! Well I thought I’d play around a little with the formatting on this poem, so tried out something new that way. Haven’t written anything in this format before. Let me know what you think! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

You & I

Me: What if I fall?
I WILL catch you…
What if I fall deeper than I’ve ever fallen?
I’ll dive as deep as I can until I find you…
What if all that’s left of me is pain and sorrow?
Then I’ll be there every step of the way,

Every step and ever after,
Until the day,
You learn to smile again.
What if the world turns it’s back on me?
Then I’ll be the only world you ever need…
What if I never amount to anything?
You aren’t defined by what you don’t achieve,

You aren’t defined by your failures,
And, you aren’t limited by your losses.
What if I get left behind?
Then hold my hand,

And I promise to never let go…
What if one day,
One day, you see,
The broken and cracked pieces of me,
That I see everyday in the mirror?
That is the truest representation of me?

Then I will embrace all that I see,

I will hold on to every piece reflected
at me,
I will cherish all of you that you choose
to share with me.
What if one day you wake up and realize,
That I was the wrong decision,
The wrong choice?
The one you’ve lost interest in…
The one you have to leave?

Then I will fight my way,

Through every single day,
Every single hurdle that comes our way,
To ensure you never feel that way
I’m here, always here
Forever near, just for you my dear.
For, no two entities in this Universe
Fit better than you and I.

Shadow Games

Shadow Games

Being left behind is easy,
Picking up the pieces,
easier still.
Accepting the blame,
To stop the fighting
and noise,
Simplistic at best.
Being at the receiving end,
Of the blame game, trouble
and heartache,
Now, just seems,
Like such a daily occurrence,
That you can go through
the motions,
With your eyes closed,
And nobody second guessing,
Or questioning the validity,
Of your actions.
Be the loyal scapegoat,
Hear the whispers,
And murmurs
Labelling you a drama queen,
Always over the top,
Always over emotional,
From the ones you deem close,
Yet who hurt you the most,
And make you question,
Loyalty and dignity;
The elements you value most.
It’s time now,
Stop the game,
Chuck the blame,
Let the users and freeloaders
Get off your dream express.
Let their discouraging words,
And selfish desires,
Roll off your back,
And out your mind,
Like the drain storm sewers
During the heaviest of rains.
Let them pass you by,
To make way in your life,
For clear blue skies.
Let the beat of your heart,
Guide you
To the path you’ve often passed,
And wished to walk,
But held yourself back,
Out of fear of being disowned,
And simply left stranded and alone.



Somewhere in a place,
One beyond the reach of time
and space.
Where the semantics,
And symmetrics of human dynamics
Fade into oblivion.
Where our actions,
Aren’t ruled and governed,
By desperation and survival
And borderline paranoia and suspicion.
Where kindness, loyalty and love,
Aren’t viewed as a means to an end;
Where you and I aren’t coiled, tensed
and poised,
Waiting, watching and ever ready,
For our facades to fall apart and crumble.
Facades you and I carry,
Like extra baggage,
Unclaimed, unwanted,
Yet a necessity,
Just to keep our heads afloat,
In this turbulent and unpredictable
Roller coaster ride called life.
One day…some day,
Shall we be liberated,
By the chains,
That make us question
The true nature of our humanity.
Where love, kindness and care,
Don’t raise suspicions.
Where belief, hope and dreams,
Live and breathe,
Unquestioned, Unfettered and Unchallenged.