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Poetry Shenanigans


When they tell you,
You don’t belong,
Make sure,
You show them
How right they were all along,
By shining as brilliantly,
As you always have.
For stars like you,
Light up worlds far and beyond,
Where the rest of us heathens,
Will never belong. 


Poetry Shenanigans – Semper Prorsum

Happy weekend (long weekend for some of you lucky homies!) I hope you all are doing great. I’m definitely trying to make an effort to upload all this fun stuff the creative command centre in my head likes to churn out. Sometimes, the thots outrun my fingers and their typing and writing capabilities. But here’s to more writing.

Semper Prorsum (Always Forward)

I’m left standing,
In the middle;
Between a realm of doubt,
And an ocean of possibility.
My sole possessions
On this journey,
Being my hopes and visions,
Supported and resuscitated,
By countless dreams.
Forging ahead,
With the ravaged and salvaged
pieces of me,
That speak volumes of,
Courage, hope, strength,
Brevity and foolish bravery,
All that hold me together,
In the face of high tides,
Crushing waves and,
Turbulent seas.

Poetry Shenanigans – Still Waters

A poem a day doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away, but it definitely keeps the brain awake! As always, feel free to leave your thots down below. Thanks for stopping by.

Still Waters

Placid, calm,
That’s all they see,
Not the ripples, not the tsunami,
That stirs and bubbles within.
Serenity, overrated,
Peace, overstated,
A mirage, a myth,
A truth that never existed.
Far too long,
Have things been overlooked,
Taken for granted.
For calm, stillness, peace and tranquility,
Are forged,
From the harshest, 
Famished and ravaging,
Infernos of anger.
Time to unveil,
The turbulence, 
The torrid, unsteady nature,
Of still waters that run deep,
In a world uncaring, unforgiving, 
Unkind and never understanding.


Poetry Shenanigans – Ignition

When inspiration strikes, boy oh boy does it strike gold. I haven’t forgotten about the Holiday Challenge Series, those will be uploaded as well. But here’s back to some living in the moment, good ol’ new poetry. Hope everyone is doing well, and to those of you not doing so well, please hang in there, there is always darkness before the light and you will get through this!

Thanks for stopping by & reading. As always, feel free to leave your thots & comments down below!


Tears, oh darling tears,
Accompanying those sky high fears,
Are we where we were last year?
Oh no, is the end near?
Are all the things we hoped for finally here? 
There there my dear,
Let them flow, let them fall,
Let them mourn, let them cheer,
For much needed endings and,
Much required new beginnings.
Inevitably, new days are here,
There’s no stopping, 
The wheel of life that constantly turns.


Poetry Shenanigans – God’s Plan

Things have been crazy hectic and it’s been challenging to upload and share the rest of the poems from my Holiday Challenge Series. I just had to carve some time out this weekend and share this poem, and honestly I couldn’t pick a better day. So, here’s the 2nd poem outta the 10 poems of the Holiday Challenge Series.

God’s Plan
Forgive, forget,  
Repetitive words constantly preached, hardly followed. 
Love, live and let live,
Words to live by.
Be an eternal student, 
Grow and help others flourish,
These are values to stand by.
Die and leave a legacy of love behind, 
It’s the best memory you can leave behind.

Poetry Shenanigans – Strength


It’s a thing of beauty.
It hides in a smile,
On the face of those 
Fighting battles and demons,
Unknown and unseen to us.
It shows it’s fiery self,
In the face of hardship, injustice
and suffering,
When there’s no more tears,
But only the weight of fears.
It makes itself felt in tears,
When the weight of the world
Bears you down, and wears you out,
And crushes your dreams. 
While your world,
Is spinning out of control,
It comes in the form of words and a hand,
To hold yours,
To reassure, to reaffirm,
That you’re not lost,
Never alone.
And that you’ve always got,
A shoulder to lean on,
And a place and people to call home.

SJ (December 23, 2018)

Poetry Shenanigans – Yellowed Pages

Fun things happen when you decide it’s time to declutter your room & your life. I stumbled upon a lot of interesting stuff & I have a confession to make. I’m a sentimental hoarder, and it is bloody hard to part with some stuff man! Some of this stuff truly is the equivalent of a time capsule. I kid you not, I can see myself transported back in time to that moment or instance I sat down and wrote whatever it is that I wrote. I wouldn’t call it regrets, but I do wish I’d figured some people & things out sooner. Anyhow, through the course of going through stuff this poem was inspired. I hope you all enjoy it, and like always, feel free to share your thots in the comments section down below!

Yellowed Pages

Through Archenemies,
Half-truths and whole lies,
I survived.
Through fearful phases,
And memory hazes,
I’m alive and all revived.
Through gossip columns,
Strewn across many page corners,
And blank spaces,
On word crammed pages,
Back in time,
To safer and happier places.
A smile restored,
Wistful and wise,
All to aware, 
Of the battles and journeys,
Waiting up ahead
To remedy and redefine,
The purpose of this life.


Poetry Shenanigans – Measured & Weighed

Halfway through May & sunlight & warm temps seem to be sticking around a little longer than the last few months. With Spring finally making it’s presence known, I hope it’s been just as inspiring & refreshing for all of you as it has been for me! Thanks for sticking around & reading!

Measured & Weighed

I can’t breathe; Every breath weighed and measured.
Sleep, no longer a sanctuary, 
But a canvas of dreams,
Painted in hues of fear, and shades of anxiety.


Book Review – The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson


The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck
Live, learn and grow!

Title: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck
Author: Mark Manson
 4/5 F*cks given

Well this is the 1st book I’ve read this year, and there’s no better way to kickstart one’s reading list than with a self help book. After all, we do strive to be better versions of ourselves on a daily basis, don’t we? So, the first time I saw this book, the biggest thing that got my attention was the title & I was curious about 2 things.

1.What it was about? And,
2. Were people reading it?

So I checked to see if the book was available at the local library & guess what? I was #82 when I put a hold on this book. 3 months later, after I’d forgotten I was on the waiting list, I got a notification letting me know the book was ready for pick-up at the library. All that previously forgotten curiosity came rushing back to me when I picked up the book. Anyway, now that I’m done with the book, I thought I’d share a few of my thots.

Overall, this book was a fun read. I found it to be very practical & logical for most part. Sure there were certain parts of the book & examples used that had me quirking my brow, but I just attributed it to the author being a man-child about certain aspects of life. Here’s the best way I can explain it,  sometimes writing about certain subjects or issues takes a certain level of maturity & sensitivity.  And in order to be able to do so it takes time & a little more experience. But to the author’s credit, he eventually gets to the point (with regards to those particular sections) despite floundering. But for most part, the brow quirking parts either led to an eye-roll or a chuckle.

Something I absolutely LOVED about this book was how it didn’t keep forcing the ‘Power of Positive thinking’ on to the reader in every chapter or page. If anything, the concept is acknowledged & then left alone. There is a greater emphasis on the ‘Power of Negativity.’ What do I mean by that? Well there’s a great emphasis on how it isn’t just the positive things in life that we should look to for inspiration. We should examine, evaluate and embrace our failures, as well as our negative experiences, because they too create, build & remodel us. I loved the emphasis on embracing your failures & not to disregard them, or weigh yourself down because of them. They aren’t metrics that define or describe you as a person.

So here’s the bottom line, if you asked me, ‘Hey do you recommend reading this book?’ My answer to that question is ‘I HIGHLY recommend doing so.’ Like I said before it’s practical & logical, and most importantly it’s light hearted & entertaining, so really, what do you stand to lose? Worst case scenario, if you don’t like this book at all, you can just embrace the spirit of the book & exclaim ‘What the F*ck was that?!’

Poetry Shenanigans – Illumination


There is a general sense of apprehension,
Everyone feigning comprehension.
Can’t you feel it?
The air, thick with tension?
When will we ever learn our lesson?
Ever so eager,
To create that stellar first impression.
We’ve mastered the art of suppression,
Pawns turned masters of oppression.
How can we talk about liberation?
When we live in constant denial,
Of our own voluntary subjugation?
And constant dissociation,
Between mind, body and spirit?