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Poetry Shenanigans – Preacher, Say A Prayer

Things have been a bit topsy turvy around the world these days. Some headlines have blown my mind, because they’ve been just that mind boggling & some headlines have restored a diminishing faith in humanity. All the stupid, ignorant fools in the world have been using our differences, be it physical, genetic, emotional, mental, sexual, religious…and the list goes on, in the worst ways possible. Why does it matter if we’re different? It’s what makes us unique & it is also what brings us together. Just think about it, if we all thought the same way, then life as we know it would be boring & bland, we wouldn’t be scurrying about trying to discover & create things that make our lives better, that enriches our souls & makes us better people & that just makes us as a species better.

Anyway, I’m done with my lil’ schpiel here. All I have to say is we’re stronger together, so stay strong & stay united.

Preacher, Say A Prayer

Preachers, prayer men,
Stack your prayers,
Your principles,
Your beliefs,
Your faith.
Set it on fire,
Like the incense you set alight,
To drive the stench out and away.
What good are your words,
Your sermons and prayers?
Meant to spread love,
Meant to unite?
To be a light in the darkness,
In these times of despair;
When all that’s happening,
When all we see,
Are the sharp claws,
Of hatred,
Of unacceptance,
Ripping us apart,
And shredding us to pieces,
All in the name of a faceless God.
Claimed by none,
Blindly worshipped by all.
How do you believe in something beyond?
When you’ve chosen to ignore,
Chosen to forget,
That there is God,
Within us all.



Quirky Quartets: Marching On

Let’s kick start Wonderful Wednesday with a Quirky Quartet!

Marching On

Her right, my right
His right, my right,
Finally we’re banded and bonded together,
In this fight for what’s right.


Things Unsaid

Well moving from Thotful Thursday to Fantastic Friday, here’s a few thots to share along the way. Yay! Time to party it up!!! Who doesn’t love short work weeks and more days to kick back and relax?

Well you know the drill, share your thots down below in that lil’ comments box, even if you just wanna drop by & say hello.

Things Unsaid

She gave it her all,
You know she did.
Everything of hers
Taken… Forsaken…
Unforgiving memories,
Unforgiving nights.
Searching…seeking out
That solitary dream,
The one she promised
All those many years ago,
So she could stop the tears,
Abate her fears.
Swallow the sheer terror,
The nights that followed,
Brought her.
She slaved away,
Night and day;
Gave herself away,
Appeasing, appealing,
Until she forgot,
The very meaning of life.

You, know all this,
Because you saw it.
From the very start,
And all you did,
Was join that crowd,
That would rather mock her,
Laugh at her distress
and frustration,
Than be the one,
To step forward,
And soothe those shaking
And wipe away,
Those fiery, streaking
Change always scared you,
Despite your countless
claims otherwise.
Or else,
You wouldn’t be part
of a crowd,
But be the one,
To run headlong,
Into the unknown,
To help that poor soul,
You know,
The one with the broken
Walking tall,
Head held high,
Fighting the unknown.