Poetry Shenanigans


When they tell you,
You don’t belong,
Make sure,
You show them
How right they were all along,
By shining as brilliantly,
As you always have.
For stars like you,
Light up worlds far and beyond,
Where the rest of us heathens,
Will never belong. 


Poetry Shenanigans – Semper Prorsum

Happy weekend (long weekend for some of you lucky homies!) I hope you all are doing great. I’m definitely trying to make an effort to upload all this fun stuff the creative command centre in my head likes to churn out. Sometimes, the thots outrun my fingers and their typing and writing capabilities. But here’s to more writing.

Semper Prorsum (Always Forward)

I’m left standing,
In the middle;
Between a realm of doubt,
And an ocean of possibility.
My sole possessions
On this journey,
Being my hopes and visions,
Supported and resuscitated,
By countless dreams.
Forging ahead,
With the ravaged and salvaged
pieces of me,
That speak volumes of,
Courage, hope, strength,
Brevity and foolish bravery,
All that hold me together,
In the face of high tides,
Crushing waves and,
Turbulent seas.

Poetry Shenanigans – Still Waters

A poem a day doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away, but it definitely keeps the brain awake! As always, feel free to leave your thots down below. Thanks for stopping by.

Still Waters

Placid, calm,
That’s all they see,
Not the ripples, not the tsunami,
That stirs and bubbles within.
Serenity, overrated,
Peace, overstated,
A mirage, a myth,
A truth that never existed.
Far too long,
Have things been overlooked,
Taken for granted.
For calm, stillness, peace and tranquility,
Are forged,
From the harshest, 
Famished and ravaging,
Infernos of anger.
Time to unveil,
The turbulence, 
The torrid, unsteady nature,
Of still waters that run deep,
In a world uncaring, unforgiving, 
Unkind and never understanding.


Poetry Shenanigans – Ignition

When inspiration strikes, boy oh boy does it strike gold. I haven’t forgotten about the Holiday Challenge Series, those will be uploaded as well. But here’s back to some living in the moment, good ol’ new poetry. Hope everyone is doing well, and to those of you not doing so well, please hang in there, there is always darkness before the light and you will get through this!

Thanks for stopping by & reading. As always, feel free to leave your thots & comments down below!


Tears, oh darling tears,
Accompanying those sky high fears,
Are we where we were last year?
Oh no, is the end near?
Are all the things we hoped for finally here? 
There there my dear,
Let them flow, let them fall,
Let them mourn, let them cheer,
For much needed endings and,
Much required new beginnings.
Inevitably, new days are here,
There’s no stopping, 
The wheel of life that constantly turns.


Poetry Shenanigans – Fury


Buried beneath it all.
Colouring, coating and coding,
All these plans and thoughts.
The source that keeps it together,
And wrecks it all.
Forgiveness, kindness,
Peace and calm,
Like a mantra,
Chanted, repeated.
Take the high road,
Hold your head up high,
Sorry excuses,
Given under the guise of wisdom
and advice.
Guilt, regret,
Heavy chains,
That weigh you down,
Drowns you to unfound depths,
That sucker punches you,
Time and time again.
Move on, people say,
Conquer your fears!
Don’t let the words and actions of others,
Affect you or stop your growth.
Face your fears,
Master your anxiety fuelled thoughts
and woes.
You and you alone are the Captain,
Of your story, of this journey…
They repeat, regurgitate,
Their cookie cutter advice,
Unsolicited and unfounded.
But how do you even know?
The ghosts shrouding my life?
How do you know,
What the voices in my head say?
Do you know,
The words of reassurance they whisper,
Into all these dead spaces, cracks and crevices?
Do you know,
Those very things,
You keep telling me,
To forget and let go,
Are the very things,
Flowing through my veins,
Keeping me alive and here?
Do you know?
Those memories,
Dark, repressed and suppressed,
Are the only fuel,
Pushing me forward?
How can you drop words like hope
and kindness,
If you never knew,
How to give any away,
Because you never received any,
In the first place?
How can you blindly tell people to forgive?
If you’re unwilling,
To look them in the eye,
And acknowledge their pain?
Before you tell me
To make peace with my soul,
You better know,
What it feels like,
To have your world flipped over,
You better know,
What it feels like,
To be constantly undermined,
Your opinions constantly dismissed
and overlooked,
And constantly told,
You’re a burden, a loser,
A disgrace, a waste of space,
A burden nobody desires;
Forget survival,
You’re bound for failure.
So tell me,
How do you sleep at night?
Knowing that,
You’re the one responsible,
For this scattered mess?
How dare you,
Sit there and sermonize,
Be all holier than thou,
And judge the ones you wrecked?
The world may never see what I see,
May never understand,
How I do what I do,
And how I came to be.
I see you for you,
And everyday I live and breathe,
And chase after my dreams,
Is a small victory,
Of all that’s left of me,
And another nail,
In that space limiting,
Ever rotting coffin,
That awaits you,
One day, some day.


Poetry Shenanigans – Happier

Man the first quarter of 2019 is done, can you believe it? I hope the year has been treating you all well so far, if it’s been a bit of a challenging start, just please hang in there, things will change. If you need to chat or vent, please don’t hesitate to reach out, it’s okay to ask for help, we’re all in this together. It’s also perfectly okay to take some time for yourself in order to take care of yourself.

Here’s Poem #3 from the #HolidayChallengeSeries, this one is titled “Happier.” I’d love to hear your thots in that comments box down below!


Breathe, release,
Let go of it all,
Let go of the all consuming anger, 
The countless tears,
Your nightmares and fears,
Embrace the remnants of your soul and spirit.
Fire up the spark within,
Make it blaze, crackle and roar.
Know that your life and your essence,
Is worth so much more,
Than the weight,
Of all that’s crushing your soul.

Poetry Shenanigans – God’s Plan

Things have been crazy hectic and it’s been challenging to upload and share the rest of the poems from my Holiday Challenge Series. I just had to carve some time out this weekend and share this poem, and honestly I couldn’t pick a better day. So, here’s the 2nd poem outta the 10 poems of the Holiday Challenge Series.

God’s Plan
Forgive, forget,  
Repetitive words constantly preached, hardly followed. 
Love, live and let live,
Words to live by.
Be an eternal student, 
Grow and help others flourish,
These are values to stand by.
Die and leave a legacy of love behind, 
It’s the best memory you can leave behind.

Poetry Shenanigans – Girls Like You

So towards the end of 2018, more specifically the last 10 days of the year, I decided to give myself a writing challenge, specifically a poetry challenge. I challenged myself to write 10 poems and that the title of these poems would be the song titles of 10 of the top tracks of 2018. Needless to say I felt the time crunch, however, I did finish writing them all by NYE. I finally feel ready to share the poems from my Holiday Challenge series with all of you. I couldn’t have picked a better day to post this first one even if I tried. So…here you go!

Girls Like You

They say,
Girls like you,
Will never make it,
Need to fake it till you make it.
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to tone it down,
Take it easy,
Are too opinionated,
Make mountains out of molehills.
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to learn tact,
To deal with men and their ways.
Need to talk less,
Curb your tongue.
Rein in your anger, your temper,
When triggered or angered.
Take the high road, 
Be patient, be the bigger person 
they say,
Just don’t speak your mind,
Is what they really mean,
When you’re at the receiving end
Of sharp words, hurt egos,
and flaring tempers.
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to lose that weight,
Watch your hips, girth and curves.
Put on a little meat, you look too scrawny.
Put on that make-up,
To make yourself presentable,
To look prettier than you usually do.
You just may be a head turner,
A show stopper,
And be the centre of,
One too many gazes. 
They say,
Girls like you,
Need to take it easy,
Life isn’t about
Putting yourself first,
Putting your career ahead of you.
Working hard versus playing safe, 
Which is playing smart.
What’s the point anyway?
They say,
When at the end of the day,
Your ultimate purpose,
Is to be married, 
Have a home, an army of kids, a family
To look after and tend to,
Until your dying day.
As that has always been,
Your life’s one true purpose.
They say,
Girls like you,
Are getting too old,
Too old to be married,
Too old to compete 
With your ever ticking biological clock.
Too old to even have goals and dreams;
Older still to even think of chasing them.
They say too many things,
But girls like you and me,
We weren’t created,
To fill and fit,
These man-made constructs and constraints.
Our strengths and weaknesses,
Expectations, actions and their consequences,
Successes and failures,
Are our own and not dictated,
By a world that claims
To know what’s best for us.
We live life,
On our own terms.
We march and we dance,
To our own music,
And to the beats of our own drums. 

Book Review – Starfish


Title – Starfish
Author – Akemi Dawn Bowman
Rating – 4/5 Starfishies

Plot Synopsis, well, at least my version of the plot synopsis. For one by the actual author either check the book out at the bookstore or library, or do the next best thing, Google it! This is the story of Kiko Himura, as she tries to find her voice, her purpose and ultimately herself. It is a story of acceptance, self-love, hope, chasing your dreams, and facing your fears, villains and ghosts on your own without being forced or coerced to do so. It is a story of self-discovery.

Just putting trigger warnings out there for those of you curious to read the book. The book addresses sexual and emotional abuse, so please put your own well being first before you proceed to read this book.

Now onto my thoughts about this book. As I’ve always maintained, I don’t want to talk too much about the plot of the books, movies and tele shows I watch, I figure that’s something everyone can do on their own and figure out on their own. So this year I decided that before I go get any more books from the library, I’d finish reading the unread books in my personal collection. I just happened to pick this book up from the bookstore, it was more of an instinctual purchase versus a recommended one. Also, the book’s cover was very appealing and drew my attention. Well I didn’t just judge the book by it’s cover, I read the inlay as well, so that basically cemented my decision. I decided to give this book a shot, and I went in with minimal expectations. What I was not expecting from this book, was the intensity and speed with which it grabbed my attention and pulled me into the life of Kiko Himura, the main protagonist.

Every page had something in it that made my heart stop, and at times just took my breath away. Never have I connected with a book on so many levels than this particular book, which is also probably why I was a little disappointed towards the end of it. I mean hats off to Akemi Dawn Bowman for her brilliant descriptors and magical ways of crafting a story that binds your soul and sets your imagination free. It’s not easy describing art, but the simple yet exquisite way she describes art pieces and uses metaphors to describe the emotional status of her protagonist, it left me speechless and almost in a trance. I couldn’t stop thinking and re-playing the visuals her words built in my head, long after I was done reading a chapter, and the book. One amongst many things that I liked about this book was the description about the impact of abuse on the emotional, mental and psychological growth of a victim of abuse. This is one of the few books that I think has made a good attempt at capturing the mind, body and emotional space of a victim of abuse. I don’t want to say anything else about it, because I could probably write a few more paragraphs, only then it wouldn’t be a review anymore but a very opinionated piece. I know for a fact that I will definitely re-read the book as there were so many poignant and powerful lines that I couldn’t stop fixating over. My only issue with this book was with regards to the resolution of one of one of the main issues the protagonist, Kiko, deal with. Throughout the book, the issue is discussed, if not mentioned, in many different ways, which shows just how invasive and how deep an impact it has had on her life and her development as an individual. Then you get to the three quarter mark and boom, boom, bang, everything falls into place, and confrontations happen and she makes peace with herself and she gets to pursue her dreams. Towards the end, everything that took a good chunk of the book to set up got wrapped up a little too quickly. I think one of the reasons why this may have happened, is perhaps because the author thought they were dwelling on issues for too long and probably just felt the need to wrap things up ASAP and conclude the book. Which is a fair thought process to have, since you want to keep the attention of your readers. I just felt that ending may give people a bit of false hope, because as much as people would love quick resolutions to their problems, some problems last a lot longer than one could hope or even ask for.

Overall, I do recommend giving this book a read. It truly is quite the experience to read and appreciate the beauty and simplicity with which the author uses her words to tell the story of Kiko Himura. If you have read this book, please do share your thoughts & sentiments about this book with me in the comments section below. I’m really excited & curious to see what you have to say!


Poetry Shenanigans – Strength


It’s a thing of beauty.
It hides in a smile,
On the face of those 
Fighting battles and demons,
Unknown and unseen to us.
It shows it’s fiery self,
In the face of hardship, injustice
and suffering,
When there’s no more tears,
But only the weight of fears.
It makes itself felt in tears,
When the weight of the world
Bears you down, and wears you out,
And crushes your dreams. 
While your world,
Is spinning out of control,
It comes in the form of words and a hand,
To hold yours,
To reassure, to reaffirm,
That you’re not lost,
Never alone.
And that you’ve always got,
A shoulder to lean on,
And a place and people to call home.

SJ (December 23, 2018)